Lantea Atlantus 

Lantea Atlantus

"We believe in the systematic understanding of the physical world though observation and expermimentation, though argument and debate, but, most of all, freedom of will."

Soviet Union national anthem instrumental 1977
MAP: Map (of the galaxy and Lantea atlantus) is coming soon.
Capital Bokan (Manmade landmass on the Lantian ocean).
Largest city Atlantius (City Ship) 
Official languages Lantian, English
National language

Lantean (Previous form of Latin)


Head of State

High Counselor

Executive branch

Legislative branch

Lantius Council 

Lantius Council

Legislature Lantius Elected Civilian Council
Independance from someone
 - Declared Orius
 -  Recognized Something
 -  Constitution Something
Union with someone
 -  Passed Something
 -  Total 50 billion km2
 -  Water (%) 99.9997%
 -  2032 estimate 1.5 million
 -  Density Something/km2
GDP (PPP) 2032 estimate
 -  Total $Something trillion
 -  Per capita $Something
Technological tier Tier 1
Gini (2032) Something
HDI (2032) Something
something something
something something
something something
something something

Rough overview of the planet Lantea

Lantea Atlantus is a water giant current to the home of the Lantians. Lantea is one of the two orbiting the sun Litinus, and the only one habitable. Lantea is manly consisting of H20, having it at a mind whooping 99.9997% of the planet, (roughly 49.99 billion square kilometers) and only 0.0003% of landmass. (roughly 15 billion square kilometers)


Lantians are the people whom came to inhabit the plantet Lantia Atlantus. Lantians are a race of highly advanced group of an estimated 1.5 million and more spread thought the Pegasus Cluster. Instead of Sexually-Reproducing, the Lantians have found a way to genetically change their DNA to make them live for thousands and thousands of years. Though, keeping their Native form as humans.

History of the Lantians

Before coming to the planet they inhabit now, Lantea, Lantians were midst conquering the technological tier 0, 300 million light years away in the Lantians' home galaxy "iermidea". Tens of millions of years ago, the Lantians, lived together as one society on an evolutionary path to ascension in the Lantian Home Galaxy. A split then occurred among the Lantians, dividing them into two factions: the Ancreans (who still called themselves the Lantians), who "believed" more in science, and the Orius, who became more religious. Eventually, the Orius became so extreme in their beliefs that they tried to wipe out the Ancreans (Lantians). The Ancreans' (Lantians) numbers were too few, and they were ultimately forced to hide their ways. Though they considered using their knowledge to defend themselves, they faced a war of attrition, one they ultimately believed that they could not win. To avoid genocide, the Ancreans (Lantians) built a ship and left their galaxy, while the Orius remained. The ship they launched finaly came in range of the Milky Way Galaxy, from there, they made their way into the Litinus solar system, and then to the planet Lantea.

Present day Lantians

Now with everything happening as is, they are living a peaceful yet very scientific life. They tried to bring all the documents that they could, yet they had no time and were forced to leave due to their pre-extinction. From an almost tier 0, they came to tier 2 due to them having to restart completely from scratch. Now, to this day, the Lantians are midst the middle of tier 1, continuing research and experimentation, they are progressing quite fast. 

Lantian Technological Defences

Lakara superweapon Because of how destructive this weapon is, the Lantians only use this superweapon in defending their well being, or if they are in supreme attack against many colonies/other advanced races that are using deadly force/destructive force. The superweapon is designed to reduce all matter within range to its basic molecular structure. It does this by propagating a wave that breaks down matter at the molecular level. The wave will wash over everything on a planet's surface and in the surrounding space. Its range is normally limited to Lakara' and its surrounding space, however the wave will go through an activated wormhole (another device created by Lantians). The weapon is easily altered to fit one's needs. Its Lantian control Panel has many blocks in a grid that may be moved lower or higher accordingly to alter the frequency output of the wave, which in turn corresponds to the type of matter that will be targeted and broken down. The default wave will break down any matter on the surface of the planet. The wave can be configured to target only living tissue, while leaving inorganic items like buildings and ships intact, as well as dead organic tissue such as clothing. 

The part of the Temple of Lakara which houses the weapon is protected by a shield which can withstand almost anything. (unless a race much, much more advanced by the Lanteans). 

The location of the Temple is well below the ocean. Some 225,000 feet under. The pressure is very immense, though, the shields protect it fully with no problem if supplied with a constant flow of energy, from a ZPVM (zero point vacuum module).

Astria Porta

The Astria Porta, is a device used and created by the Lantians. The Lantians created this divice in order to get from point A to point B faster than any Ship can. Its is used to contact allies and transport goods faster. It uses a dial sequence to be acctivated. Each Porta has an adress/access code so that only those who know the adress/code can dial it. The Astria Porta is also activated to let waves from the Lakara Superweapon though, letting the Lanteans a vast amount of attack space/defence space. The Astria Porta is powered by a highly advanced piece of equipment called a ZMVP (Zero-Point-Vacuum Module). 

ZPVM (Zero-Point-Vacuum-Module)

(Pronounced ZED-PE-VEE-EM) The ZPVM was created to power many things, such as, CityShips, BattleShips, WarShips, The Lakara Superweapon, and many more things that require a massive amount of energy. The ZPVM extracts vacuum energy from an artificial region of subspace from an uninhabited parallel universe until it reaches maximum entrop. The ZMVP is a super clean and very efficient way of creating and using an energy source. Multiple ZPVM's = More power. The energy arises from various particles that spontaneously emerge, exist for fractions of a second, and are then annihilated by anti-particles. At very small distances this particle/anti-particle is known as quantum foam, and it is theorized to be a remnant of the birth of the universe carried over to this day. This variation in energy is somewhat  to observing common objects under very small scales. Despite the two particles annihilating each other, a small amount of energy is detectable (demonstrated by the Casimir effect). Because of the immensely small scales of time and size, as well as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, the existence and subsequent annihilation of these particles does not violate the conservation of energy. The individual particles are thought to be generated by photons interacting with the space. A ZPVM is a container of a large region of vacuum subspace instead of normal space, so that its size is manageable. The ZPM draws power from the zero point energy, a tiny amount from each small bit of the enclosed subspace that adds up to unimaginable power in total. Theoretically the ZPVM should never become depleted, but since all mechanical devices have imperfections, it is likely there is a minuscule amount of loss in the system that eventually leads to the last of the energy leaving the ZPVM. There is also the issue of entropy eventually winding the system down, but our understanding of physics does not extend to such large-scale. A ZPVM is shaped like a rough cylinder, perhaps twelve to eighteen inches in length, and six to eight inches diameter. They are made of a yellow/orange crystalline material. Likely nod to the third law of thermodynamics (entropy of a system approaches a minimum value or zero in case of a perfect crystalline substance). To use an analogy, it be similar to making electrical wiring out of silver or gold, as the materials are better conductors of electricity, than the cheaper and more commonly used copper. Small sections of the crystalline material are tinted red and green, but are not separate pieces of the ZPM, as by visual inspection its a single solid crystal. 

FTL Drive

Created to exit the living hell of their old galaxy, the lantians were forced to make it. The FTL Drive (Faster than Light Drive) Is used for travelling long distances, like crossing from one galaxy to another. The FTL Drive is powered by multiple ZPVM's usually consisting of 5-6. The FTL Drive accelerates the ship 520 times the speed of light, except Lantians don't use the original wormhole into sub-space. In turn they have to plot a course before leaving. The shields protect against smaller debris. 

Lantian shields

-City-ship dome shields 

The most powerful shields that the Lantians ever constructed. The city-ship shields are manufactured into shaping  into a dome shape. These shields however, are restricted to only city ships to ensure safety to the civilians. The dome shield is proven to be very effective, taking hits from almost anything and can stay in constant stress, like a in a stars corona, until the power source is depleted, rendering it almost understandable to anything "man made". (until the power source is depleted). Since the shields take up so much power; when not needed, the shields are powered down, using subspace telemetry to tell when danger is close.

Shield color- Light blue

-Orion-class shields

Powered with 1 ZPVM these shields can sustain stress unimaginably well. Though, under constant stress, the shields will give in. The shield forms as a bubble encasing the ship in it and can be programmed to let its attack planes back in and suppress all others. The Orion-class shields are given (obviously) to the Orion-class battleships, and are so far the best shields the Lantians got that are war-tolerable. 

Shield color- Light blue

-Laura-class shields

Yet outdated, the Laura-class shields are very effective, and are unlike all other shields that are known in this galaxy. Instead of forming a bubble to in case the ship, this shield acts as an outer hull. Yes, you heard that right, an outer hull. These shields are also fuel'd by one ZPVM. The shield can sustain a huge amount of stress but less than the Orion-class battle ships. After a constant amount of stress, the shields give way.

Shield color- Orange



are projectile weapons that serve as the primary weapon system of the Lantians. A hybrid energy/projectile weapon, drones are capable of penetrating most shields and armor with ease. A single drone can destroy most fighters and cause severe damage to smaller capital ships, while hundreds or thousands can obliterate dozens of vessels with little effort. A drone is a vaguely squid-shaped weapon about three feet long. It has a rounded yellow head with small spikes that jut out to the rear of the weapon. Six tails extend from the rear of the weapon, which taper into a point while in flight. A drone is an extremely powerful guided weapon, comparable to a highly sophisticated missile. Using an internal sensor for guidance a drone can penetrate or even bypass all but the most powerful shields and burrow through thick Armour with ease while avoiding attempts to shoot them down and avoiding allied targets. When active, a drone emits an energy field capable of burning through nearly all forms of conventional matter, as well as allowing it to punch through energy shielding with ease. This not only renders a drone capable of causing severe damage in a single strike, but allows it to make multiple attack runs on a single target before running out of energy. Drones are precision weapons, designed to cause massive damage to small targets without destroying anything around them. This makes them ideal as anti-fighter or anti-ship weapons, but less effective as ground-suppression weapons, despite their low collateral damage. Drones are usually deployed using a control chair, which can command thousands of them at once. Drones are capable of self-guidance, but the chair also allows for direct control. When attacking in a large group, drones use swarming tactics to maximize damage, surrounding and assaulting a target from all directions. Any drones still active after the attack has been completed will return to storage for later use. 


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