The Koslov Federation is a Socialistic nation who wishes a galactic authoritarian order. The Sickle and Hammer is the reminder of the basic principles of the nation. The Federation used to be Communist but to keep up with Capitalistic order they changed to Socialism.


The Koslov Federation was founded by a group of outcast who was forced to leave humanity because of their back then, their Communistic ideas. The group has been traveling they landed on a cold forest world. They named this planet after their leader, Koslovic. They settle and reproduced and grew. The winter came and they where not ready. It was freezing and many died. After that they always prepared. 


The Koslov Federation is lead by the Koslov Revolutionary Party. The party has been in power since the beginning. 


Koslov is a warrier culture. Elementary school is a strict authorian program but it isn't that harsh. At 14 teens are able to choose to go to war school. Most succesful cadet get promoted.  When they are 21 they choose jobs. Almost all fit men are reserved soldiers.

  • Civilian
    • Scientist
    • Farmer
    • Industrial Laborer
    • Administrator
  • Military
    • Soldier
    • Pilot
    • Engineer
    • Command


Childern grow up on a military culture. The trainings are hard but not inhumane. Instructer listen too their cadets too. Also the citizens get to choose military service or not. This is how Koslov will last forever

People's Navy of Koslov

The Navy was made to protect Koslov and her colonies. Mainly guarding major cities and trade routes. The fleet are mobile and can meet any enemy very fast. With mostly practicing Unconventional Warfare and Shock tactics because the ships have some armor but superior turrets and very agile.

People's Ground Force of Koslov

The Ground Force was made long before the navy. They protect major cities and the frontier. The Ground force practices Unconventional Warfare, Deep Front, and Maneuver warfare. Military influences starts around at a very young age. They grow to be warrior citizens and fight for their nation.


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