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Kingdom of Elattica

Elattica [[File:{{{Coat}}}|125px]]
Flag Coat

"No official motto" ({{{MotLang}}})





Main Language(s)




Tier Tier 3
Systems Tectiusk
Settlements Berketsburg, Hastium



Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  Royal Branch King
 -  General Assembly Citizens
 -  Bourgeoisie Branch Merchants and Businessmen
 -  Intellectual Branch Scientists and Engineers




 -  Official Census 873 million
 -  Estimated Illegal Residents Unkown
Currency Ducats



The Kingdom of Elattica is a human nation located on the planet of Elattica which orbits the yellow star of Tectiusk. The Tectiusk System has 3 planets, the habitable planet, 2 gas giants, and many asteroid belts.


Early Days

 The original colonists and their ship left their home in a panic and in their emergency, failed to provide an exact destination for their warp. The result is that they ended up in interstellar space. Fortunately for them, they managed to detect a nearby system with a habitable planet and it only took around a century of sub-light speed to reach their new home. With nearly no resources, a large group of settlers immediately landed on the surface of the planet. It had green plant life and a large ecosystem. As the ground people set up the first outpost, they became fasinated by the beauty of the new world. The people in space however, were eager to begin the next chapter in building a new life and pushed those on the surface to continue clearing land. They also wanted to introduce Earth life to the planet. After another few weeks, the preperations were complete for the second wave of people to come down from the ship. Unfortunately, only a week later, the extra people had eaten through the poorly prepared reserve and the fear of a famine quickly spread. The first harvest was almost ready until disaster struck and a fungus native to Elattica destroyed all the crops. With actual famine, almost all of those on the ground passed away. The survivors and people in space worked day and night with the best technology they had to develope a new method of farming. Eventually they used genetics to create resistant plants. These resistant plants were hybrids of native and Earth genes, but they still allowed for the second harvest, which is now celebrated as a holiday. Soon, nanotechnology allowed true Earth species to live on the surface as well. A lack of control regarding plant life resulted in the Earth life spreading all over.           

 Meanwhile, many survivors from the first wave of groundspeople were of royal blood from Earth who left to find a new life. They enjoyed much popularity from those they lead to the surface. As the last people from space came to the now secured surface, a government had to be set up. A simple bill of rights was drafted, but the constitution was still in progress. It would be decided that everyone deserved a vote, but they also decided that someone needed to represent the nation as a whole so the first election for king and the Kingdom of Elattica had begun.



Elective Constitutional Monarchy

General Assembly covers the main body of citizens including farmers, workers, servicemen, clerks, space and surface miners, and small artists.


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