Grey Goo - Official Teaser Trailer00:48

Grey Goo - Official Teaser Trailer

The closet video I could find for my race.


In the final days of the ND the Keiseri used his remaining technology to transfer his mind into that of his latest worker robots which were self replicating he then heard the voices of the collective which he controls as the admin of the program he knows crafts them into more powerful warmachines and into ships , he also added the minds of his last followers as commanders or general but made sure to program admin permissions over them.

During the NSC period they were reactivated. After the death of the NSC the collective developed Conciousness .


The Irisian Collective use energy weapons which every day get stronger as each nanoprobe is destroyed or adapts as the collective constantly creates new technologies and forms to make it better in every way. Also to help spread they launch ball of nanoprobes called tumors which are controlled by a Intelligence which as it grows creates a army and becomes sentient.


The Evolution is eternal

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