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The Ingankalam are a people and nation in the beta quadrants straddling sectors 8, 9 and 6. Ingankalam consists of 11 systems crossing the junction of three galactic spiral arms. The Ingankalam are a vicious humanoid aquatic people who dwell mostly in water. Their significant difference with most other races in the galaxy means that they are somewhat isolated but they are open to trade and minor relations with other peoples.


The technology of the Ingankalam focuses mostly on Medical, Cloaking, and Transport. They are amongst the best in the galaxy in these fields.


The engines of the Ingankalam ships are superior to most of their neighbours and work off superconducting degenerate materials interacting with quantum foam. The ships contain a bio reactor that powers the engine and all components. Proton degenerate matter is used as a fuel in this reactor.


the cloaks used by the Ingankalam are amongst the best in the galaxy and make the ship vibrate sinosoidaly in and out of phase with corporeal space. Very precise equipment is needed to pick up the neutral position as anything more than minute singular anomalies that exist in space.


Their moral codes are often questionable in their experimental practices but it has lead to the advancing of the medical profession in ingankalam society as the foremost science they have. Their experiments would be considered illegal by most other races.


The Ingankalam are naturally vicious, as the foremost predators on their planets they still actively hunt for food and are completely carnivorous. Their pray are usually aquatic creatures several times their size, their natural speed in the water makes them agile hunters.

Systems and Stations


White dots represent Systems, black dots sub-stations and red dots Prime-Stations.


Clockwise starting from the top:

  1. Udmur
  2. Telana
  3. Ramai
  4. Paloi
  5. Talega
  6. Ingankalega
  7. Ulawan
  8. Iryan
  9. Bandan
  10. Karabana
  11. Rabaloi
  12. Inganoi
  13. Taloi


Left to right/top to bottom.

  1. Iryawan
  2. Inganawan
  3. Talegoi
  4. Talangawaloi
  5. Iryagoi
  6. Terempaloi


Same ordering system as above

  1. Ingankalam
  2. Tawanakalam
  3. Farunawoi
  4. Pawaloi-Iryanaloi
  5. Maharoi
  6. Tamalamaha
  7. Farunamaha
  8. Srilanoi
  9. Rabipuran
  10. Kamiluang
  11. Kasimiluang
  12. Samluang
  13. Mahalukalam


Current fleet strength 50'000 Standard flottilla size 2500

Stationing: 2 flottillas at each prime-station, 2 flottillas at sub-station iryan and 6 fleets in progressive border passing. around Sub-station ring.

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