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Ika'Alu'a is a shipwreck in the Alpha quadrant and part of the fallout from the Ika K'ai Disaster. The ship was sent hurling through sub-space and came out in the Nebula on the edge of the alpha quadrant. Further information on the fate of the vessel is under investigation by several powers from all over the Galaxy who have decoded the beacon's message


In the Year 3021BC A L'tuk general by the name of I'mek Of the Nest world K'ai took to the Grand Matriarch plans for an experiment that would serve the Expanse in creating an experiment to reduce the mass loss of a Wolf-Rayet star. Wolf-Rayet stars are considered still living gods in L'tuk Religion and thus sacred, Tampering with them is considered a crime against nature. The Experiment was refused and I'mek fleed the homeworld to the near by Chthonian Planet of Amu'ai. There, in secret and ignorance he started the experiment. His experiments went unnoticed for 4 years until when it reached it's peak he caused an instability in the Star. The L'tuk fleet took flight to stop the experiment but it was futile and the sun Imploded, becoming a massive blackhole. In the wake of the Implosion the Energy pulse hit several ships as they went into sub-space and sent them hurling across the galaxy. And Many outside the Galaxy.

The Beacon's Message

The Beacon began broadcasting in July of 2713. The beacon can broadcast massive distances with impeccable ease and has as such became a point of interest for several races of the galaxy. The Beacons location has been tracked to the Nebula but no-one has, as of yet, located it and the ship. The beacon is a valuable piece of technology of T-1 Capabilities in terms of communication.

Floor Plan & Specifications

There are three Main hangers situated at the very front of the vessel, the very opposite side of the Power core which is in stasis along with all other technological integrations on the ship. In order to get to the power core teams will need to acquire resources such as Air Tanks etc. The Hangers Join to form a Single repairs and cargo bay at the front under of the ship. In order to get to the power core any borders must make their way 45 Miles across 3/4 of the length of the ship. The Power core must be taken out of stasis to restore the ship and capture it. A Significant problem with this is that once in the Stasis field of the ship that there is no contact with the outside world. Save leaving the ship to pass messages.

The Floor plan of the ship is split into 27 Main sections. These form a sort of 3^3 cube pattern throughout the ship. Sectors are Named for Level (1, 2 or 3) , Row (A(aft), M(Midship), F(Forward)) And Column ( Central Left Right) An Example is the Hangars boarding crews will be forced to land in and the Cargo and Repair bay are Located at Sector 2FCentral.

From the Main Cargo and Repair Bay Chutes lead down to the bottom of the ship where Several armories are held . At the front of the ship is the Observation and Sensor Array with the Hospital bays lodged just behind it(All 3FCentral). Between here and the bridge consists the massive living quaters which take up the entirity of Sector 3 M Central.

Notes: This is a big ass ship, There is a lot in this ship, a lot of valuable stuff.

Level 1
 Forward Left Warhead Bay, Left Warhead Manufacturing Laboratory, Spectral Analysis Laboratory

Main Armories, Shuttle Manufacture and Experimental Labs

Forward Right Warhead Bay, Right Warhead Manufacturing. Space Fold Calculation Computation laboratory

Armor plate Replacement manufactory, Weapons Manufactory Shield Generator and Absorpant Energy Relay.  Degenerate Matter Containment bay, Quark Processing Unit. 

Rear Left Warhead Bay, Left Swarm Network Relay, Left Subspace Organ,

Bio-Repairs Labs and Component storage Rear Right Warhead Bay, Right Swarm Network Relay. Right Subspace Organ,
Level 2
Swarm Bay Two,  Swarm launch lockers and calculation batteries Central Tri-hangar System, Cargo and Repairs bay. Swarm drive Manufactory.

Swarm Bay One, Swarm launch lockers and calculation batteries

Subspace communications Array. Transporter Room Two. Quantum Battery Laboratory Recreational zoning and emergency Nesting Area Local Communications array. Transporter Room One. Thermal Battery Laboratory
Swarm Bay Three,  Swarm launch lockers and calculation batteries Engine Manifold and Power core. I'akan'u Space fold Manifold. Transwarp-Drive. Swarm Bay Four,  Swarm launch lockers and calculation batteries
Level 3
QDG Weapons Array 3 Observation and Sensor Array, Hospital Bay and Bio-medical Research Center. Shield Array QDG Weapons Array 4
Transporter Room Three, QDG Weapons Array 1 Extensive Living Quaters Transporter Room Four , QDG Weapons array 2

Left Impulse Energy Drive. Stellar Manipulation Array, Life support B

Command module and Bridge, Neural pathway Central point, Matriarch Quaters and Ships Living Brain.

Right Impulse energy drive, Subspace Monitoring Array, Life support A

Red=Locked Down Green= Open

Scramble for the Ship

Yet to happen

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