The Ijushir Imperium uses a despotic oilgarchy with a council of various princesses and princes from all the major hives. They have absolute control of the imperium.

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The Ijushir are insectoid but have a endoskeleton and internal skeleton. They are warmblooded , breathe Nitrogen. Reproduce from a couple made from a prince and princess Ijushir who lay millions of eggs. The gestation period for a Ijushir is 1 day. It takes 3 days for a hatched larva to grow into either a princess or prince , drone or soldier. All Ijushir are Sapient although princess and princes have the most freewill, the drones are more intelligent then the soldiers as well. All Ijushir of a hive are connected via neural link. Ijushir can be reborn if they commit ritualistic suicide and bring them selves into the neural link to be reborn. They also have wings


A Ijushir


The Ijushir military comes from the warrior caste.

They have chitin armour and a energy rifle

They follow a pretty standard chain of command

They all fight to the death for the hive unfraid of casulties

They need little training being born with genetic memory.


Hiver Cruiser In Space

The Ijushir have mastered energy gates and built them across the Maelstrom creating a interstellar empire in their small area of space.

The fleet uses heavy armour and missiles along with interceptor warms.

The industrial might of the Ijushir being a Insectoid race is somethin rarely seen , they have built and researched advanced industrial technologies and produce large quantities of everything.

Massive mining ships and vehicles have been developed by the Ijushir.

Holdings(not accurate)

The Jewel- Capital system of the imperium

The Iron field- Massive Mining sector of the imperium

The First Great Forge- Large scale industrial system

The Second Great Forge- Mega scale industrial system

The Third Great Forge- Large scale industrial system

The Fourth Great Forge- Titan scale industrial system

The Golden Hive- Economic system of the imperium

The Golden Hold- Bank/Merchant system of the imperium

The Primary Hive- Hiveworlds for massive population

The Secondary Hive- More Hiveworlds

The Third Hive- More more and more Hiveworlds

The Great Stronghold- Military system

The Great locust field- Titan Scale Agriculture system

The Stronghold of the Maelstorm- A large scale fortress world network system. Head quarters of the Ijushirian Military.

The Gem- Capital and center of the colonial region

Stronghold of the Colonies- A colonial military system

The Holy Hive- The center of religion for the imperium

The Great Machine Hive- Research center of the imperium

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