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The Holy Nocturean Empire, also known as Nocturne or HNE, is a tier-1 empire in the Sauroch Cluster and the Drygnirr Expanse The HNE is neighbored to the galactic north by the Igankalam and to the galactic northeast by the United Kingdom of Kasterborous, to the galactic east the Vandrag Empire and to the galactic west the United Confederation of Systems Controlling 18 systems, Nocturne is one of the larger known empires in the Serrwyrm Galaxy.

The Holy Nocturean Empire is a monarchy with heavy focus on the military, with HNE military leaders and their factions having significant influence on Nocturean politics. The Empire is headed by monarch Lyrae Ignea and the legislature consists of three houses, with the House of Lords as the upper house, The House of Commonzs as middle house, and the House of Scholars as the lower house.

The HNE has a population of over 1.3 trillion people and have the military to show for it, with a military of over 635 billion and untold billions more citizens with basic military training prepared to enlist should the need arise. Demographics wise, the Empire consists of mostly Nocturians at 84% of the population, though there is also a significant human minority at 11% and 5% of the population consists of various Advent races.




Recent Censuses have revealed that the population of the empire has increased to 1.3 trillion Serving military personnel numbers at around 635 billion with billions more with standard military training ready to be brought up to serve the empire. Nocturnians hold a 74% majority, followed by 11% human, and finally 15% of the population consists of various Advent races.. All figures are rounded.

With the move to Serrwym billions of the Empire's citizens have been moved to orbital habitats now with at least one orbiting every major body within the Empire.


First Contact Policy

The Empire has adopted a policy of keeping it a secret that the Empire is the Holy Nocturnian Empire. During first contact all races that will be seen by the unknowns must be suited in pressure suits. Two languages are currently approved for use in these first contact situations. These are English and Morusk, in these situation the Empire is to be referred to as the 'Morusk Republic' The introduction of this policy is aimed at protecting the Empire's interests and security.

The Fjalar Stockade

A fortification that once defended the HNE/URSS border, it now defends the borders of the whole empire, filled with vast fortresses, naval mines, weapons platforms, massive super fortresses and watchful fleets. Built like any other Nocturnian border line but heavily reinforced. The Fjalar Stockade is source of pride after the Titan Corridors vast defenses. Many fear the day when something will break through this vast fortification leaving only the 2nd defensive line in their way.

The Titania Corridor

A seemingly impenetrable wall acting as the gate to Sector III, filled with vast fortresses, naval mines, weapons platforms, massive super fortresses, the majority of the empires Dyson sphere fortresses and the ever watchful fleets. Originally built to defend the empire in the event of the fall of Sector III but it now is the strongest section of the Frejr stockade.These vast defenses have been moved to both Luminar and Patheon possibly making these two systems the most heavily fortified in known space.

The Framework directive

The Framework directive is a program being conducted in utter secrecy, as top military officials are afraid that this program would cause uproar within the civilian world. The name Framework first appeared around 786 around when the project started, the project is the father of all energy to matter units and the matter to energy weaponry. Using energy to matter units, millions if not billions of Robotic drones are constructed within hours giving the empire large disposable armies for large invasions or the defense of a system, these armies are controlled by a single AI within the parent vehicles using a Hyper V uplink making the system unreachable without Hyper technology. The current goal of the project is to make it possible for ETM units to generate organic matter, making it possible to create Humans or Nocturnians capable of slowly regenerating after taking hits or getting hurt using the metallic skeletons with hundreds of miniature ETM units.

Paeksis Crystals and P-Tech

Paeksis-Tech, or P-Tech for short, is based on the semi-sentient, emphatic energy crystal known as Paeksis. It produces energy by harvesting the fabric of the universe and converting it into usable power, though this is on a small scale, dependent on the size of the crystal and the emotions of the beings around it. Paeksis crystals are connected to one another on a fundamental level as well, able to share energy produced to nearly infinite levels, so long as crystals are nearby. It is considered the most important material ever discovered by the Union, and First Empire. Both were catapulted forward hundreds of years technologically, allowing the former to gain T-2 status within two years of leaving Soran. Paeksis technology was gifted to the Holy Nocturnian Empire, giving it a vital role in upgrading most of the Imperial military by mutating the mechanisms to better channel and use the energy of the Paeksis. P-Tech is incredibly potent, with an unlimited potential energy output, limited only by the size of the article of technology being used, and the power of crystals sharing their power. P-Tech weapons and shields are especially potent as a result of this, with even a single ship capable of funneling the collective power of every Paeksis crystal in a solar system. Larger crystals have a larger range of influence. An example of such a thing would be the fortress Moon Prometheus, which was noted to have begun funneling the collective power of every paeksis-modified device on Nocturne that wasn't already being used by other weapons and defenses. The mobile capital of the Empire, Meros, is the largest Paeksis crystal in known existence, and is capable of funneling the energy of every paeksis crystal in the HNE. Energy connections between paeksis crystals links said crystals to one another, creating a network where, even if a crystal isn't connected to another one, it will be connected to a shard that may be, or connected to a crystal that's connected to another and so on. The Paeksis network branches. Not just that, but due to their emphatic, psionic nature, Paeksis crystals are connected to the minds of the beings around them, ever so subtly, creating a sort of synergy and sub-conscious, incredibly subtle and weak hive-mind, where intentions are known as they are formed, increasing efficiency in crews and units affected by Paeksis crystals. However, to contact the Paeksis 'network' as a whole, one needs to find a particularly large and powerful crystal, such as on Colony cylinders or more.


Upper dimensions of the Universe, corresponding to the same space time coordinates of the visible Universe, though a nesting of graduated smaller dimensions. Allows ships to travel at below the light speed limit and still traverse normal space at faster than light speeds. Hyper space is a realm of energies and particles unknown in normal space and is in fact inimical to normal matter. Hyperspace does not exist within the moderate gravity wells of heavy objects.

  • Hyper I: 9.11 to 1 ratio, .9c pseudo speed 8.2 light.
  • Hyper II: 40.9 to 1 ratio, .9c pseudo speed 36.8 light.
  • Hyper III: 163.44 to 1 ratio, .9c pseudo speed 147 light.
  • Hyper IV: 654.2 to 1 ratio, .9c pseudo speed 588.78 light.
  • Hyper V: 2,616.9 to 1 ratio, .9c pseudo speed 2355.2 light.
  • Hyper VI: 10,467.6 to 1 ratio, .9c pseudo speed 9,420.8 light.
  • Hyper VII: 41,870.4 to 1 ratio, .9c pseudo speed 37,683.36 light. .95c pseudo speed 39,776.9 light.
  • Hyper VIII: 167,481.6 to 1 ratio. Only electromagnetic signals can be transmitted through VIII.

Catastrophic Translation

The movement of an object from any of the hyper dimensions to normal space through hitting a hyper barrier or losing its protective hyperdrive field. The result is a translation in which matter is disrupted, resulting in the probably destruction of the ship and all aboard

Hyper Barrier

Effect of gravity wells on objects traveling through hyper. Vessels striking the barrier are translated out of hyperspace catastrophically. The radius of the barrier depends on the massive of the object generating it, black hole, star, planet or smaller object. For a black hole the barrier can be thirty light hours or more from the center mass. For a planetoid it might be light seconds. THe higher the dimension of hyper the further out its barrier. Star systems typically have a Hyper I barrier of from three or fight light hours, depending on the mass.


Graviton projection device capable of opening holes in the dimensions leading from normal to hyperspace. Also projects are graviton field around the ship while it is in hyperspace, protecting the crew and the vessel from the effects of that space. Each succeeding dimension takes 4.2 times the power to open and remain in than the one below it.


Artificially produced high numbered elements that take advantage of an island of stability in the periodic table. Produced in enormous industrial plants that utilize the entire surface of frozen moons and small planets, using the temperature differential to cool the high temp nuclear furnaces. Superiron, superlead and superplatinum are the three metals produced, with superplatinum the most useful and most difficult to make.

Aether Paddles

Grabbers. Units that utilize the space warping powers of energized superplatinum to grip the actual fabric of space and pull their attached object along. Used in everything from battle armour to large ships.


Nocturne is considered a death world, it is plagued by Earthquakes, solar flares, Wild life, acid rain and every 15 years Prometheus come dangerously close to Nocturne causing the seas of Magma to rise, massive earthquakes to hit the planet, almost every volcano erupts and massive tidal waves to hit the shores. Most of the planets population live within the Cities but those who don't must travel to the nearest city and take shelter. after the trails of fire the world is hit by an ice age lasting for 3 to 5 years. Nocturne is covered in Ore deposits and oil rich spots on the Acid seas of Acerbian. Her cities are equipped with powerful ground to orbit weaponry and heavy-duty void shields.


Nocturne is often described as hell, it is an world of fire only being able to sustain live on mountains or the poles. In order to survive on this world Nocturnians have developed leather like skin which is very resistant to heat, also due to there being almost no sunlight reaching the surface Nocturnians also have incredible night vision. Most Nocturnians have very strong bonds to their family, it is almost impossible to break such bonds.

Regions of Nocturne:

Nocturne has nine settled "realms", seven known sanctuary-cities and two other locales of great spiritual and practical significance to the native population.

The Nine Regions of Nocturne include:

  • Hesiod - Known as the Seat of Kings, Hesiod is the largest of the Sanctuary Cities of Nocturne.
  • Themis - Themis is also known as the City of Warlords.
  • Epimethus - Known as the Jewel City, Epimethus is Nocturne's only ocean-bound Sanctuary City. This tall spire juts like a dull blade into the sky. Epimethus is surrounded by other, much smaller satellite structures, which are the numerous drill rigs and mineral harvesting platforms that rake the ocean floor or mine its deepest trenches for ore.
  • Heliosa - Heliosa is also known as the Beacon City.
  • Aethonion - The Fire Spike.
  • Clymene - The Merchant's Sprawl.
  • Skarokk - The Dragonspine.
  • Mount Deathfire - The Fount of Life and Death.
  • Ignea - The Cold Labyrinth of the underworld

Wild life of Nocturne

Nocturne boasts incredibly dangerous wildlife, often bigger than buses the military is called to deal with them. They are also hunted for sport by top military brass.

Dangerous Animals of Nocturne include:

  • Dactylid-A winged, saurian creature. Also known as the 'dactyl', it has a larger more monstrous genus called the dactylon.
  • Drygnirr-A diminutive fire-lizard. A totemic creature, it is often associated with visions and prophecy..
  • Gorladon-Monstous draconian creature with a trihorned, boneplated skull.
  • Gnorlwhales-Large aggressive ocean mammal with a gnarled forehead and covered in a layer of volcanic rock. They are commonly hunted by Epimethian spear-fishermen for their meat and hide.
  • Lacertid-Barbed and blade-shelled creature native to the Scorian Plain.
  • Leo'nid-Solitary apex-predator of the Arridian Plain. Often hunted by Themians for their scaled hide and mane.
  • PyreWorm-Carrion creature with an armoured, spined body. Eaters of the dead.
  • Sa'hrk-Deadly saurian desert pack-predator.
  • Sauroch-Nocturnian cattle-creature. Bovine and saurian in aspect, Sauroch are commonly found ranging the deserts in slow, lumbering herds. The lesser breeds are fairly placid, but the larger Saurochs are much more aggresive and deadly.
  • Scorpiad-Massive, insect-like monster. Caught by Ignean trappers out on the Arridian Plain and then purchased by the Themian Gladiatorial Guilds for use in the hell-pits.
  • Serrwyrm-A long, chitinous creature with six reverse-jointed legs ending in claws designed for burrowing. With a tough chitin shell and hunting in packs, the serrwyrm is a lethal opponent.


the Government of Nocturne is an Monarchy with a house of lords and commons which is then heavily supported by numerous factions within the military.


The Currency system of the empire is known as credits and is used to pay for everything, Almost every transaction is done online and has basically removed the need of banks.


The Holy Nocturnian Empire is Comprised of 14 systems, all of which are constantly patrolled by Picket ships and the Home fleets. The majority of empires water comes from garden worlds and ocean worlds. the majority of Ore comes from all around the empire with several dedicated mining systems, fleets, hundreds asteroid mining areas within the empire and finally trade is a small factor.

Every world in the Empire has an orbital defense system consisting space stations, weapon platforms, planetary shields, planetary rings, numerous ground base installations and a Small fleet using these weapons, they can wipe out several fleets alone. With the move to Serrwym completed the Empire has expanded and consolidated its territory, leaving her with 14 systems.

Sector I

  1. Patheon Comprised of 4 Planets, 4 Colonized, 1 gas giant[HOME SYSTEM, FORTRESS SYSTEM, HONORARY CAPITAL]
  2. Luminar Comprised of 1 Blackhole, 3 Suns, 18 Planets, 18 Colonized, 4 gas giant[SUPER SYSTEM, FORTRESS SYSTEM, SECTOR CAPITAL]
  15. Menapso[Not mine yet]

Vassalized Systems

  2. Economic Region 02[OCCUPIED SYSTEM]
  3. Economic Region 03[OCCUPIED SYSTEM]
  4. Economic Region 04[OCCUPIED SYSTEM]


The military of Nocturne is split into 4 corps:

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Engineers
  • Research

The Army is tasked with defending anything ground related. while the Navy is tasked with defending the orbitals and patrolling the void. The Engineers are tasked with building new things, fortifying the empire, and repairing the empire. Research is tasked with assisting Engineering and building new weapons.


The army consists of billions of infantry, vehicles, drones all configured for combat and some minor tasks like exploration and engineering. Joining the army requires vast amounts of physical training and while sleeping memory are implanted into the brain to save time, like machines soldiers can instantly know how to operate vehicles, and assortment of weapons. With this civilian  can be brought straight into the military and in several weeks become a person capable of welding any weapon, with this the army is the hammer and shield of the empires cities.

Most soldiers are equipped with standard issue weaponry and kit and sometimes something special. Almost all infantry, vehicles and drones can cloak for a short amount of time before becoming too hot, they are also given a shield which can soak up large amounts of damage making them an all around military force good at everything.

All infantry are given armour which is made of incredibly strong, lightweight nanostructures and various layers of Super metal making the standard soldier last longer in combat however new things are making the standard soldier obsolete with things like drones and mechs taking the stage. Before combat a soldier is given a clynide pill which is a dangerous poison, it will kill the captured soldier before he can give anything to the enemy, there is currently 5 different classes within the military. Given to each soldier after basic training


  • Muspelheim
  • Niflheim
  • Mahesvara
  • Kivonsky Particle






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