The High Valryian Republic

The High Valryian Republic
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Flag Placeholder
Flag Logo/Coat
Motto: For Valyria

Rhaegon's Anthem

Capital and
Largest city Valyria City
Official languages Valyrian
National language Valyrian
Demonym Valyrian
Government Type Valyrian Republic
Rhaegon of Valyria
Upper house Circle of Lord Paramounts
Lower house House of Commons

2245 CE

2700 estimate 12 Billion
Gini (2700) 54.2
SDI (2700) 0.912
Currency Valyrian Credit
something something
something something
Techonological Tier 1


The Species of the Valyrian people has existed for an unknown time. It is estimated the first modern Valyrian was found and dated to 74,000 BCE. Features of the Valyrian people include silver white hair and tall and long bodies. They also feature an inherit ability of rapid memorization of things and an inherit talent at the use of technology

History and Origins

The High Valyrian Republic was founded in 2245 CE when the Supreme Consul Rhaegon of Valryia successfully completed his 23 year long campaign to conquer the entire planet of Valyria. Having already achieved space flight 230 years prior, the High Valyrian Republic had not yet been able to make itself known to other sentient beings in the known universe. 

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