Frin Klo is one of the Federated Corporate Union's most profitable worlds. Now being apart of the FCU directly, the system is seeing tourism on a mass scale.The world is host to a massive film industry, with its constantly warm weather and sunny days, the world has seen host to many of the FCU's favorite TV show's. While only two rings around the planet's very small ice caps, the colonies on this world seem to live a comfortable life there. With planet of wiggle room in terms of employment, wages here seem to be the most average out of all the FCU systems, even enforcing standards amounts other worlds. This world is in the process of weather modification, and water addition to the surface. By the end of this process, we wish to ensure oceans over 70% of the planet's surface. For this reason further colonization has halted.

Codex Tuchanka (ME3)

Picture of Krent Klo from outside the planet's capitol.


Frin Klo imports 70% of its food supply, anlong with 85% of its water supply for arrogation and consumption, not to mention the growing demands for new civilian structures. It almost seems that the world will be permanently importing construction materials.


Frin Klo exports its rich and diverse amount of film patents and showtime hits. Wile also being host to over 25% of the FCU's silicone supply and a massive mining industry following film.


Krent Klo from orbit.

Settlement Type

Industrial Settlement

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