PBS Rules.

- All Admins will work with a 3 strike AA system, Abuse 3 times you loose it for a week.

- No other user may interact(using tools) with another users creations, without first having that users permission.

- All admins are to be listened to.

- All admins should moderate all builds to make sure they are appropriate, and fit within regulations.

- An Admin should always try to be in a server, to enforce the rules and make sure that no one is abusing the PBS.

- Any Irrelevant builds WILL BE removed.

- Anyone found to be abusing, griefing will be Permanently banned without warning, Anyone breaking any other rules will have two warnings before being banned.

- Only those with admin are to access the baseplate to the rear of the spawn.

PBS Regulations.

- No ship may be more than 15-20 studs in any direction.

- No Station may be more than 30 studs in any direction.

- All Stations class as IMMOVABLE objects during any form of battle(if Battles occur in the PBS)

- All creations MUST be relevant to Sci Fi Mini Builders.

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