Fort rucker

Fort Rucker is a pre-war military base located in the port of Bresdin. Its construction started in 2700 during a large government program to arm the country's coasts in response to the rise of Communism in the north. At the time of its completion in 2719, it was left unarmed, until the Merited Uprising triggered rearming of many low-grade forts in the country. In 2740, after the War of Freedom ended in 2738 and a direct cold war began with Prosinia, a missile silo was installed in the middle of the fort.


Due to the Prosinian bomber carrying an atomic bomb to Bresdin being shot down some miles outside of the city, Bresdin did not take a direct hit. The port of the city, and the Bay of Calby were hit by just enough radiation that the area could be repopulated quickly. So in February of 2742, the forces of Liberty Port occupied Fort Rucker. Its armaments at the time of the war were not stashed in the fort's barracks, and so dozens of high-caliber field artillery line the walls. It's the main defense of Liberty Port, as it watches over the land bridge to the larger, floating section.

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