Forelite Consulateship

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The Forelite Consulateship, also known as the Forelite or informally Koremi, was a tier 1 society that was formerly located in the Ananas Galaxy. They occupied 35 systems. They were located in the Prailly ClusterMavina Lodem Frontier, and Monstranous Strip.

The Forelite Consulateship was established by a council of elected individuals in their capitol system Promethius on August 5th, of astronomical year 2730. The Consulateship was the most well developed power in the known galaxy, overlooking a space armada of 180,000 ships coordinated by Barrier Authority. 55% of the population was located inside metropolises centered in the Mavina Lodem and Prailly Cluster capital systems. All citizens were taught to clean up their communities by throwing away trash and recycling litter. Through cause and effect, the Forelite had eden-like planets, where they also constructed massive facilities for automatically furnishing native biology.

The Forelite strived for an incredibly educated population. 96% of the population was at a Collegian level of education, serving a mandatory 13 years of junior education, and then another 5 years of institute education of their choosing. They could also choose to continue to enroll in institutes, and due to their free nature, half of all Forelites returned to Collegian status after mandatory education years passed. The remaining 4% were not uneducated. They were the fraction of the population that had not achieved Collegian status, or was still in junior education at the time of the dissolution of the republic.

Despite possessing the known galaxy's largest single military, the Forelite Consulateship was one of only 2 pacifist states in the region. The Consulateship would go through any means necessary to avoid direct or indirect conflict with itself and other civilizations. But if a situation could not be defused, it could and would defend itself. Military research was largely dedicated to starship warp systems, star shields, and refractive cloaking systems, making for a well mobilized and discrete armada. Civil authority like police syndicates were not armed with deadly force. Small arms were always stored in protected armories within syndicate jurisdictions. It was unlawful for any individual, be it a citizen or a police officer to carry a lethal weapon without being engaged in an active legal case that may endanger lives.

The Forelite managed an economically stabilized zone for merchant markets in orbit of every capitol world of every system in the Consulateship. These zones were designed specifically to attract foreign merchants and business. The presence of outside merchants attracted indigenous merchants, who set up port in these orbits. As a result, many capitol worlds had extremely cluttered orbits that were safe-guarded by the armada itself.

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