Fo Tuz is one of the colder, much more inhospitable worlds that the Federated Corporate Union has colonized. Some of the first people on world were Dwarvs, for their innate ability to survive extremely cold conditions, they were the best option. The world is host to 170 mph wind speeds, -190 degree temperatures, and little to no sunlight. The world is larger than earth by a good margin, and has a crushing green house atmosphere and a low iodine, and a high helium content.

There is a massive impact crater on the southern poll, the blackened crater, diameter in the order of three thousand and fifty four km long, indicates that a large planetary body has collided here. Regolith samples indicates that the body that collided here had a high carbon content, giving a clue to the atmosphere on this world.


A prominant research facility located in the northern pole of the world, also the largest settlement located there as well.


Heavy imports of food and metals.


Fo Fiit exports over 40% of FCU's water supply, a good chunk of CD's nuclear reactant supply (He^3).

Settlement Type


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