Fleurie System


Age: 4.472 Billion Years

Location: Delta Quadrant, Sector 7C

Spectral Type: G2V

Frost Line: ≈5 AU

Distance to Heliopause: ≈120 AU

Hill Sphere Radius: ≈1-2 ly

Nearest Star: Meuse System (4.55 ly)

Nearest Planetary System: Meuse System

Stars: 1 (Fleurie)

Planets: 5 (?) · (Vosges) · (Artois) · (Tunisia) · (Capharnaüm)

The Fleurie System compromises Fleurie and the objects around it, directly or indirectly.

The five biggest objects form the planetary system around the star, several smaller objects also orbit the star such as: dwarf planets, asteroids, comets, etc.





The biggest terrerstrial planet in the system, home to the Arionesse civilization, this planet was colonized by humans in the year 2293.

Capital City: New Épinal

Population: 7 Billion




The second largeast terrestrial planet in the system, first colony of the Commonwealth, this planet was colonized by humans in the year 2317.

Capital City: St. Mihiel

Population: 5 Billion

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