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The Military of the L'tuk Expanse is responsible for defending the L'tuk Expanse and controls various fleets.

Fleet Breakup

A fleets racial name has little to nothing to do with those who work in it. The fleet name merely references the inhabitants of their commanding world.

Fleet of the L'tuk Expanse

  • Imayu First Fleet - General Iparenyu
  • Imayu Second Fleet- General Inteirnu
  • Imayu Third Fleet- General Maiyala
  • I'yol First Fleet- General Siy'ol
  • I'yol Second Fleet- General Miy'o
  • Sterk'r First Fleet- General Sta'ku
  • Sterk'r Second Fleet- Lord Commander Ma'in
  • Sterk'r Third Fleet- General K'mi
  • L'tuk First Fleet- Matriarch Per'tin'K'tar
  • L'tuk Second Fleet-Matriarch Pel'tu'K'tar
  • L'tuk Third Fleet-Matriarch Enu'tal'K'ai
  • L'tuk Fourth Fleet- Commandant I'lak
  • L'tuk Sixth Fleet- General Pai'ol
  • L'tuk Seventh Fleet-Matriarch Sa'ka'Ra'u
  • L'tuk Eighth Fleet-General Sayanuli


  • Lord Commander
    • General, Commandant, Matriarch
      • Grand Matron, Master of ship, Grand Commander

L'tuk built Ships

Ika Class Ships

Ika Class Ships are The Third largest class of ship in the Fleet of the L'tuk Expanse but arguable the Most powerful. The name "Ika" Comes from the L'tuk word for Mother or life giver, and the ships all round ability focuses on the survival of the L'tuk. The ships primary characteristics are that of a System invading Vessel. at 50 Miles high, 60 miles long, and 30 Miles wide this vessel does not enter atmospheres and instead docks with orbital platforms. The vessel contains several smaller vessels usually and 30 Swarms of fighters. There are currently 8 of these vessels in commission.

Ships in Service
Name Operating Region Extra Information Commanding Officer
Ika'alu'a Er'n Nebula (Alpha quadrant extant) The Ship was recently bought back online from stasis and found in the Alpha quadrant. Matriarch Enu'tal'K'ai of the L'tuk Third Fleet
Ika'Ina Rescuing the Ika'Ina Flag ship of the Expanse, Slightly Larger than others at 40 miles wide and 68 miles long. but of similar proportions General Iparenyu of the first Imayu Fleet
Ika'tar K'tar-Home planet Commander of the Home Fleet(Ika'k'tar Matriarch Per'tin'K'tar of the L'tuk first Fleet
Ika'o'e Ika La'o'e system Colonising the 12th Nest world. General Siy'lo of the first I'yol Fleet
Ika'ra Ika Ra'i System Modified Transwarp making it the fastest in its class. Matriarch Pel'tu'K'tar of the L'tuk Second Fleet
Ika'un Tar'un Archives Guard of the single largest Database in the Expanse Matriarch Il'in'Tar'un of the L'tuk First Fleet
Ika'uk K'uk-Sterk'r home Planet Guard of the Sterk'r home planet General Stak'u of the First Sterkr Fleet
Ika'urm T'ik Ra'mu System Capturing the Extant systems around La'o'e Ma'in Lord Commander of the L'tuk Expanse Fleet Commandant of the Sterk'r Second Fleet

Ima'iol Class Ships

Ima'iol class ships are small ships that act as support vessels for the most part. They are highly maneuverable and fast and have good firepower from the Degenerate Phase Laser Arrays aboard the vessel. The name in L'tuk means Giant Tamer. These were the first class of vessel to be able to fly in the Corona of a Blue-subgiant and were thus dubbed Giant Tamer. There are 67 Ika'iol vessels in Commission

Imayu built ships

Sterk'r built ships

I'yol built ships

Sanu'ar Class Vessels

The fourth Largest Vessel in the Fleet of the L'tuk Expanse. The name is an old I'yol word for Light bringer, however since becoming part of the L'tuk expanse the old I'yol language has became extinct in spoken language, and is only used in historical text. The vessel has some of the most powerful firepower in the expanse at 40 Miles long and a 20x20 height and width it is a Leviathan of a ship. It was the first Non-L'tuk ship, to contain a Bio-matter build up. Special neural interfaces for the I'yol allow them to use this ship with ease of a L'tuk. There are 16 of these Vessels in commission.

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