The Ferrus Imperium is a tier 4 Civilization on the planet Argnok. Argnok itself is a 1/2 land 1/2 liquid covered planet, with methane seas, and rivers. The land itself is green in color due to the concentration of copper in the ground. The poles of Argnok are a sooty colored methane ice. There are two major continents. Titanus the super continent that connects to the north pole, and Seaborgus, A smaller continent with a large mountain dominating the eastern side. The planet is Rich in heavy and precious metals needed for robotics and circuitry. There are extremely low amounts of carbon in the soil, and due to the high flammability of methane combustion has been avoided at all costs. This effectively has kept the empire attached to the planet until a recent discovery in plasma propulsion. It has two moons. Agrarus Major, and Gluback. Agrarus Minor is the name of the closest planet to Argnok, much similar to Mars of the star Sol. The Star of the system is a neon green, and was named Glorbiusreck, in turn naming the system the glorbius system.


The indigenous "life forms" are not comprised of cells, but are comprised of mechanical parts and electrical circuitry. Due to being non-organic, the Intelligent species were not inhibited by the need for food. No one knows where their creators came from, and where their remains are, but they all know that Argnok was the birthplace of their race, it was the birth birthplace of their mind. Each Unit has their own ID and personality, and a name they assign themselves when they are deemed sentient. Their lifespan is not of their body, but when the AI housed within is deemed unstable, and deleted. There are two major types of Units on Argnok. The spiderbots that are often enrolled in the military, and the bipedal-bots that are usually Civilians or politicians.

Science and technology were placed ahead of art and music for the longest time. As time went on the citizens grew tired of all having the same stuff, and nothing to decorate or define themselves with, and a capitalist movement started. Now The Head Council of the Ferrus Imperium always puts the economy and wealth of the people first before anything else, due to the changed ideals of The empire. War has ravaged the planet many times before atomic power was developed. When scientists realized the military power it would provide, and the mutual destruction it would cause, an Anti-WMD treaty was signed preventing any WMDs from being used on or at the planet of Argnok ever. This treaty kept the world a happier, more peaceful place from then on.

Ferrus Imperium Logo

The Empire that formed from the coalition of nations that existed on Argnok is called the Ferrus Imperium. Their logo was inspired by the way their artificial eyes see tiny points of light. The Letters FE are the atomic symbol for Iron, for the shared ironclad will of it's leaders.

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