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Feroxi flag

The Feroxi Dominion flag.

Description:t The Feroxi are homosapiens, however are not full humans because of the fact there is now diversity in skin color(Not to be racist, but yea.) Typically fitting that of a North American Caucasian male. Average height for a male stocks in at 5'10" while a female typically has a stature of 5'3". However there is a very large percentage of those that are above 6'0"+, very large. 5'10" is merely an average.

Race Type:.Warrior ethic, honor, sacrificial, protector, peackeeper.

Life span: 70-120. The average lifespan nears 95.

Tier level: The tier level of the Feroxi is described as Tier 1, having a very


The Military emblem.

technological advanced state and great minds from around the Dominion. The Feroxi hold an interstellar empire with the seat of power in their own system, the Apien Sector. The Feroxi are known for helping other races advance up riers by sending information.



Feroxi soldier standard.

Society:  The Feroxi culture basis has transformed over time. It remains warrior ethic, however it is not as..hardcore as it once was. Males are now required to serve two years in the military on a position based on their skills and stature. These males must choose what ages they would like to serve, beginning anywhere from 13 to 36. After this, males choose their own paths. Females are treated with a very high level of respect for their ability to give birth. Females are indeed allowed to join the military however most females have their occupations the same as men out of the military.

Goverment: The government of the Feroxi Dominion is lead by two kings, both equal in power who must agree on a debate for action to be fully taken. Kings are expected to do no less than their soldiers, most of the time they are expected to do more. When kings exit the Dominion to fight in conflicts, an oligarchy of around 50, some women, handle the government.



The Feroxi homeworld.

The homeworld of The Feroxi is Pesegam surrounded by several moons, most of them uninhabitated and containing military outposts. Pesegam is very inhabited, almost no landscape of it is left other than the lakes that dot its surface. Almost all of the land is considered to be a city.


A standard scene of Palaven, very urban.

Exclusive Technology,

Mass Shadow Generator.

Some flying mech I've yet to name, bout 1,500ft tall.

The Gauntlet (stuff that fires at ships in warp.)

The Shock Drum (this is a party trick.)

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