Federal State of Lesní and the Associated Free Territories

The Federal State of Lesní and the Associated Free Territories is a Federal Monarchy that resides in the Oheň star system of the far north-western portion of the known galaxy. The population of the system are called the "Lesní," the namesake of the nation. As of last census there were 8.4 Billion citizens split among the system with an estimated 14 million illegal peoples. The Lesní populate five worlds within their system, four of which are around the gas giant Obrovský. The homeworld of the Lesní is the moon of Lesní in which Obrovský is the planetary host. Lesní is a forest world which is the third major body to orbit Obrovský in order of orbit. Lesní is a large forest moon with similar size to Earth. The moon contains no oceans, only large lakes and seas, and one large super continent. The planet also contains may large mountains, with equally large plains in between. The Lesní have only recently unlocked the power of Faster-Than-Light technology in the past few decades and are still working to make good use of it.

Solar Bodies









Minor Planet

Planet Type

Terrestrial Planet Gas Giant
Mass 2.88 x 10^24 kg (0.483 Earth) 2.462 x 1027kg (412.2 Earth)
Radius 1,987.752 km (0.312 Earth) 75,368.93 km (11.83 Earth)
Density 8767.83 kg/m3 1372 kg/m3
Volume (km3) 3.29 x 10^10 km3 1.793 x 1015 km3
Composition Iron / Silicates / Trace Hydrogen / Helium
Roche Limit 518.5994 km (0.0407 Earth) 115,442.52 km (9.06 earth)
Hill Sphere 20,884,138.23 km (1,639 earth)
Semi-Major Axis 130,150,000 km (0.87 AU)
Orbital Period 331.34 days
Major Satellites 0 5
Controller FSL FSL
Population ~20 billion


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