The Fascist State of Luvendalons is a recently created state formed after a Fascist Coup in the High Senate. The state is lead by a leader who is directly advised by an estimated 120 officers of different rankings. The government is still being completed with martial law in place and the military fully deployed on all planets to destroy resistance and keep the peace.



The current Navy of the FSL encompasses the previous DRL Airforce and the old DRL Navy. The current navy is made up of old 'inferior' DRL military space and in atmosphere vehicles. The newly made branch is preparing to design all new vehicles and start mass production.

Infanterie Krafte

The Infanterie Krafte is the main infantry body of the FSL. The Infanterie Krafe is made up of several sub branches of ground force including spies, vehicle infantry, small arms infantry, spy infantry, and special forces infantry. The Infanterie Krafte is currently scheduling a remodel of weapons, vehicles, and uniforms.


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