Europa People's Coalition

Europa Worker's League

Europa Peoples Coalition Flag Europa Peoples Coalition Emblem
Flag Coat

"Ni država brez ljudi." (Slovenian)

"There's no state without the people."



and largest colony


Main Languages

English, Slovenian, Finnish,

Hungarian, German, French,



Tier Tier 2
Worlds 1
Colonies/Cities 25


Europan, Jovian

Government Representative Democratic Colonial Administration
 -  Governor-General Dominique Freddie Duchamps
 -  Council Chairman Ábel Vieno Szőke
 -  Police Commissioner Lucrèce Harlow Walker
 -  Chief Administrator Sofia Lilly Vinter


March 17th, 2123

Worker's Doctrine

October 4th, 2234

People's Charter

Physical Characteristics
 -  Surface Area 3.09 x 10^7 km2 (0.061 Earths)
 -  Surface Gravity 1.314 m/s/2 (0.134g)
 -  Official Census X
 -  Estimated Illegal Residents X
Currency UN Credit (cR)


Jovian Moons


Jovian Alliance Authority


Unified Earth Government

The Europa People's Coalition (EPC), commonly referred to simply as Europa or The People's Coalition, is the administrative body of the human colonies on the moon of Europa within the Jovian Alliance Authority in the Jovian planetary system near the heart of the Sol solar system. Europa is the second Gallilean moon from the planet Jupiter, the smallest of the four Gallilean moons, the sixth closest moon to Jupiter, and the only Jovian moon completely covered in a liquid water ocean (though Ganymede has several smaller internal oceans).

With the discovery of microbes on Ganymede, Europa is one of only two Jovian moons known to harbor life. However, further research expeditions continue to be planned to locate possible other life forms in the system and to determine whether life in the Jovian system has a common origin. The leading theory among the Jovian scientific and exploration communities is that life was brought to the system onboard asteroids and other space debris eons ago, though some critics still call for the possibility of independent genesis to not be ruled out until further evidence has been found.

The Europa People's Coalition is a municipal corporation in charge of administrating the moon of Europa, writing and enforcing laws, working in the interest of public safety and wellbeing, and representing the interests of Europans in the Jovian Alliance Authority. While defense was formerly mostly handled by de facto local defense force Europa Worker's Militia, which finds its roots in the early days of colonization of the Jovian system when the Earth Government had not yet secured its legal presence in the region, defense of the colony is today handled by the Jovian Auxillary Fleet following the disbanding of the Worker's Militia after the George-Barnard Affair.

The People's Coalition is represented in the Jovian Alliance Authority by the Governor-Geneal, who is elected by popular vote at five-year intervals, and administrated by the Chief Administrator, who is appointed by the People's Council, both of which replaced the former position of Secretary-General. The local governing authority of the EPC consists of the People's Council, which holds 25 seats representing the 25 local departments and which is headed by a Council Chairman elected by the majority vote among the Council. Europa formerly maintained a moderately sized Peacekeeping Organization which was in charge of enforcing all laws within the Europan jurisdiction and was headed by the Secretary of Peace, however following the George-Barnard Affair this entity was dissolved and several aspects of it absorbed into UEG law enforcement and clandestine organizations with the position of Secretary of Peace being replaced by a local Police Commissioner. The People's Council was also formerly responsible for electing representatives to outside governments and Earth institutions, including the Unified Earth Government and Colonial Administration Authority, however this right has been delegated to the newly formed Jovian Alliance Authority.

Early colonization of Europa began with research and exploration outposts, however these initial scientists and explorers were quickly joined by those seeking to take advantage of Europa's natural resources and, at times, strategic position between the inner and outer solar system. Europa still serves as a major pit stop for those traveling within Sol and remains to be a center for research and exploration. Europa's economy also consists of supporting local mining and salvage efforts, with a sizable number of Europans spending significant amounts of time off of the moon working in the asteroid belt or elsewhere in the Jovian system though occasionally the Worker's League will accept a contract that requires travel either elsewhere in Sol or into the void between Sol and its surrounding stellar neighbors.


Discovered on January 8th, 1610, by Galileo Galilei, Europa is one of the largest moons around Jupiter and is one of the four so called Gallilean Moons, along side Io, Ganymede, and Callisto. In keeping with naming the Gallilean Moons after lovers of Zues, the Greek counterpart to Jupiter, Europa gets its name from the Greek myth of a Phoenician Noblewoman named Europa who was courted by Zeus and became the queen of Crete. Europa is also referred to as Jupiter II, as it was initially considered Jupiter's second satellite, though it is also now corrected to Jupiter VI to reflect that the moon is the sixth farthest from Jupiter.

The governing body of Europa, the People's Coalition, was given its present name upon the dissolving of the Worker's League and the signing of the People's Charter in 27--. The Coalition's predecessor, the Europa Worker's League, gained its name from an independent organization that operated on Europa in the early days of colonization, organizing and protecting laborers and coordinating colonization efforts. This organization would later come to ratify the Europa Worker's Doctrine, which would become the legal foundation of Europan society for several centuries before the George-Barnard Affair.




Europa Shaded Relief Map
With the exception of 10 meter tall icy spikes, called penitentes, along the equator that are caused by the effect of direct overhead sunlight melting vertical cracks, Europa is one of the the smoothest objects in the Sol system. Europa lacks large scale features such as crators or mountains, largely because its surface is tectonically active and young. Europa's icy crust gives it an albedo (light reflectivity) of 0.64, one of the highest of all moons, due to it's young and active surface. The prominent markings crisscrossing the moon are mainly abledo features, which emphasize low topography.

Estimates for the age of Europa range from 20 to 180 million years old. The radiation level at the surface of Europa is equivalent to a dose of about 5400 mSv (540 rem) per day, an amount that causes severe illness or death in human beings exposed for a single day, driving human settlements underground to the relative safety provided by the thick icy crust. Europa has a surface area of 3.09 x 10^7 km2, or about 0.061 Earths, and has surface gravity of 1.314 m/s/2 (0.134g).

The ocean underneath Europa's thick icy crust has been proven to be populated with unique life forms, which are still undergoing continuing research into their nature, traits, and origins.


The Europa People's Coalition, referred to by Europans simply as 'EPC' or 'the Coalition', is the local administrative body of the moon of Europa in the Jovian system of Sol. The municipal corporation, which was established with the signing of the Europan People's Charter, which replaced the Worker's Doctrine following the George-Barnard Affair, is responsible for "maintaining the prosperity and freedom of Europa, ensuring the continued wellbeing of its people, preventing the mismanagement of Europa's natural resources, preserving the natural beauty of the moon, and maintaining relations with Jupiter". This mission statement typically translates into establishing and enforcing local ordinances, investing in healthcare and education initiatives, expanding greenhouses and efforts at aqua farming, improving infrastructure, maintaining ports, attracting businesses, responding to emergencies, regulating resource extraction, establishing nature preserves, and selecting those who represent Europa in the Jupiter Alliance Authority.

Europa People's Council

The Europan municipal corporation is administrated by the Chief Administrator, who is appointed by the People's Council and which is a seat presently occupied by Sofia Lilly Vinter. Legislative matters are handeled by the popularly elected Europa People's Council, which under its former incarnation as the Worker's Council was traditionally headed by the Europa Worker's Party but of late has been ruled by a strong Jovian Alliance majority with several independents and two remaining Worker's Party members serving as the minority. Each member of the Council represents one of the 25 local departments and it is headed by a Chairman, which is presently filled by Ábel Vieno Szőke.

Administrative Divisions

Europa Administrative Map Political

The Europa People's Coalition is divided into 25 administrative divisions, or departments. These administrative divisions are traditionally referred to by the name of the major colony within them, with said major colonies being their de facto capitals, though the People's Charter, similar to its predecesor the Worker's Doctrine, does not specifically establish department capitals..

Number Prefecture Capital Representative
1 Sarpedon Capital Region Sarpedon (Ind )
2 Lycia Lycus (Ind)
3 Cilicia Clix (JA)
4 Novo Kamnik Novo Kamnik (EWP)
5 Jesenice Jesenice (JA)
6 Lyon Lyon (JA)
7 Atymnius Atymnius (JA)
8 Stuttgart Stuttgart (EWP)
9 Düsseldorf Düsseldorf (EWP)*
10 Columbia Columbia (Ind)
11 Bremen Bremen (JA)
12 Asterion Asterion (JA)
13 Veszprém Veszprém (Ind)
14 Miskolc Miskolc (JA)
15 Caen Caen (JA)
16 Lahti Lahti (JA)
17 Nantes Nantes (JA)
18 Hämeenlinna Hämeenlinna (JA)
19 New Austine New Austine (JA)
20 Kranj Kranj Ábel Szőke (JA)*
21 Turku Turku (JA)
22 Minos Minos (JA)
23 New Budapest New Budapest Balázs Csintalan (JA)
24 Rhadamanthus Rhadamanthus (JA)
25 Unincorporated Territories Miletus (JA)

Note 1: JA refers to the Europan chapter of the Jovian Alliance, EWP refers to the Europa Worker's Party, Ind refers to Independent.

Note 2: An asterisk (*) beside the party indicates the party leader.


Europa Coat
Formerly, Europa was defended primarily by the unofficially recognized Worker's Militia, an independent, publicly unaccountable armed group which held yearly training exercises and whose membership extended throughout much of Europan society, including several high ranking members of the Worker's Leage.The Worker's Militia was not typically active unless there had been a disaster or threat either on or near Europa or elsewhere in the Jovian system. The last time the EWM was mobilized was during the riots and armed conflicts following the George-Barnard Affair, in which the Militia mobilized to defend the Worker's League, though prior to that it had not been mobilized since the 2691 shipping accident in which the Militia provided search and rescue support after a large cargo vessel departing Europa faced serious engine malfunctions after a near miss with another vessel resulting in radiation and exhaust leakages onboard.

Recently, the United Earth Government has repealed the Jovian Disarmament Agreement and handed control of the Jovian Auxiliary Fleet to Europan authorities. This move marks the first time since 2,557, when the Jovian Commonwealth was dissolved, that the Jovian system has been allowed to construct their own naval forces. This move was hailed by the then Europan Secretary-General as "the final burden of a past we have moved away from [at last being] removed" and claimed that there had been a "surge in Jovians eager to serve their community and the state". Since the George-Barnard Affair, control of the Jovian Auxillary Fleet has been officially transfered to the newly formed Jovian Alliance Authority, who is seen to be more stable and responsible as well as being more representative of all Jovians.

Law and Order

As a smaller world, Europa traditionally does not face a significant rate of crime, however its position near the heart of the Sol system - between the outer and inner parts of the solar system - has meant that Europa has a long history with crime, pirating, and the black market. The primary law enforcement agency on Europa is the Europa Police Department, which is headed by the Police Commissioner, who is appointed among Department members by the Chief Administrator with the approval of the People's Council; the seat is presently occupied by Lucrèce Harlow Walker.

The Europa Police Department, or EPD for short, is accountable to the People's Council and the Chief Administrator and must file weekly reports on all activities to both, as laid out in the People's Charter. This set up marks a substantial increase in accountability following the dissolution of the Department's predecessor, the Europa Peacekeeping Organization, which played a critical role in the events which transpired during the George-Barnard Affair and who had previously faced a reputation of corruption, abuse, and intimidation. Following the dissolution of the EPO, several segments of the Organization were absorbed into Earth law enforcement and clandestine organizations, with some select officers within the organization being permitted to join the newly formed EPD.

Earth Relations

As a colony of the Unified Earth Government, the Europa Worker's League is under the authority of the Colonial Administration Authority. As established under the Europa People's Charter, the legal foundation of the Europa People's Coalition and its governing bodies, the Jovian Alliance Authority holds full authority to manage and maintain relations with Earth institutions and governments on behalf of Europa and ensuring that Europa's voice is heard in said institutions and governments.

Prior to the George-Barnard Affair, Europan relations with Earth and Deimos were managed by the Europan Earth Advisory, a agency established under the Worker's Doctrine.









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