Erenoktian Federation

Omnikron flag

Motto :

"Reaching for the future"

Capital & Homeworld :

Venerion, Durol II

Denonym :



Known Languages :

English, Ga'nothian

Population :


Inhabitants :



The Ga'noth race.


The Erenoktian Federation is a technocratic militarian government (Tier 2) that focuses on technological advances, going as far as transhumanism, to further their advances in research. The Erenoktian Federation resides in the star system of XN-48. 


  • 1995: The Ga'noth gain self-awareness, and develop a language.
  • 2080: The Ga'noth enter a large civil war, splintering them into large factions.
  • 2150: The Ga'noth factions group together to form the Erenoktus Federation, yearning for peace within their species.
  • 2200:  The Erenokt golden age of science begins.
  • 2295: Erenoktians prototype an early space travel.
  • 2342: Erenoktians invent a form of warp travel involving laser particles.
  • 2480: Erenoktians begin settling the nearby planets in XN-48.
  • 2563: The Erenoktians begin melding metals, electronics and synthetics onto their bodies.
  • 2682: The Erenoktian populace is extremely distinguished from what it was before, resulting in a bizarre mix of flesh and machine.


The Erenoktian government consists of an Overseer and an Admininstrator Of Technology, along with a council of select politicians and advisors. The current Overseer is Mojak Zykrd, while the Admininstrator of Technology is Anokt Olkyr.


All territory owned/controlled by the Erenoktian governmental system through trade or war are listed below.


Durol II, Sevastol VI.


Durol II, The Omnikronian Home System.



Mining Colonies: Enton II.


Will be continued

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