The Steel Eagle, as it is often referred to around the Seas of Mecca region on the planet of [INSERT NAME HERE], is a militarily and economically strong power that at the current level rivals that of the ancient Ashatine Imperium from the time of Prophetess Savastea. While Vritannia hails from the coastal city of Stormhold in which the royal citadel - Stormhold Fortress, is built, the capital is nowhere close to being the largest city in the empire. That honor belongs to the spire city of Starpike.


Royal Family

Title Name House Numeral Age Marital status Betrothed
King Alastair Creyen II 45 Married
Queen Evelyn Creyen 42 Married
Crown-Prince Robert Creyen I 24 Not married No
Princess Veronica Jorian 22 Married
Prince Albert Creyen 18 Not married No
Princess Nora Creyen 14 Not married No



Evelyn Creyen, née Verandie...







Until last century it was know as the Imperial Inquisition but it changed it's core principles and became Vritannia's elite military taskforce. While they certainly were the most religious, now with the world changing, rapidly faith in the Savastean Prophecy is no longer a requirement.

The Stormguard are divided into the army branch and the airfleet and marines. On ground the Stormguard are primarily heavily armored soldiers most of the time utilizing mechanical combat armor suits. The airfleet consists of a carrier, a dreadnought, two ironclads. couple cruisers, and several frigates and corvettes. All painted in the colors of the Empire.

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