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The Empire Of Nod, known simply as Nod, is a extremely industrialized, militarized empire, with very little contact to other empires, although Nod is very willing to open relations, few try.

People and History


The olden Earth Colony, Eiron, had been a very much quiet planet, until Earth lost contact with us. We were clueless. The planet had dissolved into 3, With the peoples calling themselves Nod, Jakar, GDI. After nearly a thought to be endless war, Nod had won this war gloriously, taking full control over the planet. After two years of martial rule, with strict laws and regulations being put over the people to stop all ideas of war and revolution.The people have solidified under Nod rule. The peoples of Eiron live on a terraformed planet, with many new efforts to try to further it. The people have lost contact with Earth much long ago, and have not been met by anyone yet. Population numbers around 9 Billion on the home planet, with more living on moon and planet colonies. Signs of a massive supernova from the homestar had worried the peoples, and the Khaldyr Empire (dead) had saved Nod from death. After this, Nod had prospered greatly, becoming a top power in the Alpha Quadrant. The Empire survived and had few cases during the Y4N-G1R1 virus, surviving until the long dead Sneople had taken control of the Milky Way Galaxy. 


The planet is fueled by nuclear, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, wind, and water sources. Tiberium is the largest source of power in the empire. The empire is in no longer the need of fossil fuels. The empire has large research projects to further power production in the empire. 


Many people are fed by farms underground, with many irrigation sources being lined underground to the massive farming complexes. Small farms and greenhouses are being put ontop of highrises and homes, to supply each home with their own food.


Every person has a job, with most being in the industrial-space industry. Only 37% are white-collar workers.Nod keeps a large space-industry, always wanting to be able to build ships faster and faster. The workforce is a driving force of the empire, with propaganda encouraging more rights for the worker.

Much of the workforce is based around the central planets of the empire, or the capital planets. The very large, commercial and industrious ones rather. Slavery is outlawed except for a form of punishment. Both genders male and female are allowed into the military ranks. Male and Female are seen as equals with none being the better in the Empire Of Nod.


The culture of Eiron is a very rich one, with many natural land formations, and monuments erected by the people toward leaders. Monuments include

  • Rock of Jime - Where the first Earth colonists landed.
  • Wall Of War - A wall in the capital where people have placed many things such as flowers and pictures of those who's families members have died in wars.
  • Lieffe Tower - A steel tower in Krios used once as a radio tower to contact Earth during colonial times.
  • Chigga Muki - A temple in the western side of the planet where natives once lived who had mysteriously vanished.

There are many more, but these are some large icons of culture to the empire.

Free religion is accepted into the empire, making annexation much easier. Religous tolerance is easily seen throughout the systems Nod owns. 



Friends: None

Enemies: None currently 

Other: None

(Nod has been thrown aside by the galactic community, so it seems Nod will not be able to make friendships with any race until contacted)

Star Systems

After the move, Nod owns only one system, but is on the verge to expand.

  • Empire is gone

Technological Abilities

Nod is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the Tier 2 technology, with the largest industrial power within the Alpha quadrant. The main reason that advances the industry of the empire, is the advanced understanding of Nanotechnology.


The empire's military is divided as such.

  • Nod Peoples Offensive Army (NPOA)
  • Nod Peoples Defense Army (NPDA)
  • Nod Peoples Mechanical Division (NPMD)
  • Nod Peoples Space Warfare Division (NPSWD)
  • Nod Peoples Engineering Division (NPED)
  • Nod Peoples Planetary Air Division (NPAD)
  • Solar Defense Fleet (SDF)
  • Nod Peoples Special Operation Forces (NPSOF)
  • Nod Peoples Command Center (NPCC)

Nod Peoples Offensive Army

This army of Nod numbers 1,950,400. These forces are armed with NBQ-56 Assault Rifles. These forces work along with all divisions of the military, mechanical and space warfare mainly. These soldiers are highly trained in offensive measures, This army is capable of deploying to many planets at once, under command from the Command Center.

Nod Peoples Defense Army

This army numbers 1,200,350. These forces are armed with NBQ-56 Assault Rifles. These forces work along with all divisions of the military, mechanical and space warfare mainly. These soldiers are highly trained in defensive measures. This army defends the Nod homeworld, as well as her moons. 

Nod Peoples Mechanical Division

The army numbers of 2,915 mechanical suits, 7,000 Armored Ground Units (Tanks lel) , 1,700 Mobilized Ground Indirect-Fire units, 900,000 mechanical assault and transport units. This army is trained in troop-support, as well as siege tactics. This army is the basic spine of the offensive division, supporting them heavily.

Nod Peoples Space Warfare Division

This army numbers 21,000 Devastator Class Destroyers, 299,900 drone fighters, 720 Drone Fighter carriers, 3905 Marine carriers, 79,000 Missile Cruisers, 39,000 Venom Class Frigates, 115,605 Marine Occupier-class boarder ships, 200 Kane Class Command Cruisers, 119,000 supply ships. This army is trained in all aspects of warfare,  and works with the offensive and defensive branches. ( This is the active fleet, the reserve fleets have many more)


Defensive Fleets

Nod Defense Fleet 01 [Myit' Gyar]

Nod Defense Fleet 02

Nod Defense Fleet 03

Nod Defense Fleet 04

Nod Defense Fleet 05

Nod Defense Fleet 06

Nod Defense Fleet 07

Nod Defense Fleet 08

Nod Defense Fleet 09

Nod Defense Fleet 10

Nod Defense Fleet 11

Nod Defense Fleet 12

Nod Defense Fleet 13

Nod Defense Fleet 14

Nod Defense Fleet 15

Nod Defense Fleet 16

Nod Defense Fleet 17

Nod Defense Fleet 18

Nod Defense Fleet 19

Nod Defense Fleet 20

Nod Defense Fleet 21

Nod Defense Fleet 22

Nod Defense Fleet 23

Nod Defense Fleet 24

Offensive Fleets

Nod Offensive Fleet Alpha

Nod Offensive Fleet Bravo 

Nod Offensive Fleet Charlie 

Nod Offensive Fleet Delta 

Nod Offensive Fleet Foxtrot 

Nod Offensive Fleet Leviathan

Nod Offensive Fleet Perseus

Nod Offensive Fleet Harpe

Nod Offensive Fleet Triton

Nod Offensive Fleet Victoria 

Nod Offensive Fleet Viceroy

Nod Offensive Fleet Armagedon

Nod Offensive Fleet Brotherhood

Nod Offensive Fleet Unity

Nod Offensive Fleet Golf

Nod Offensive Fleet Hotel 

Nod Offensive Fleet India 

Nod Offensive Fleet Juliet 

Nod Offensive Fleet Kilo 

Nod Offensive Fleet Lima

Nod Offensive Fleet Mike

Nod Offensive Fleet Vigilant

Nod Offensive Fleet Aria

Nod Offensive Fleet Cholimon

Recon Fleets

Nod Reconnaissance Fleet Eagle

Nod Reconnaissance Fleet Stopwith

Nod Reconnaissance Fleet Meteor

Nod Reconnaissance Fleet Alexander

Nod Reconnaissance Fleet Hyperion

Nod Reconnaissance Fleet Vulture

Ship Classes

Victory Class - Largest ship; Heavy Warfare suited; Fleet Leader

Dante Class - Cruiser ship; Heavy Warfare suited

Dreadnaught Class - Average ship; Mainly suited in all types of Warfare;Frigate

Aldebaran Class - Small ship; Corvettes; Light scale warfare suited

Brotherhood Class - Small ship; Missile Boat; light-medium scale warfare

Nod Peoples Engineering Division

This army creates weaponry used by all military forces. People in this division are said to be some of the brightest minds in humanity. This division only numbers of 300.

Nod Peoples Planetary Air Division

This army protects and invades all foreign objects in a planet's atmosphere. This army is suited of only 19,000 drone fighters. This division is trained in flight aspects as well as offensive aspects. Most of this division is based on Eiron.

Solar Defense Fleet

This division protects the entire solar system, and can use the Nod Peoples Space Warfare Division at any time. This fleet consists of mainly 300 Devastator Class destroyers, 16,000 Missile Frigates, 500 gun platforms based around the solar system, 29 Satellites, 900 Venom Class Frigates,30 Ion Shield Frigates, 17,000 Eiron Class Gunships. This will defend the system from enemy invaders.

Nod Peoples Special Operation Forces

This army is the most elite army in all of Nod, fit to fight anyone and defend the planet with only their squads. Only 600,000 soldiers are in this division, with most soldiers, if not all, being injected with a chemical muscle, and brain enhancer.

Nod Peoples Command Center

This division is the command of all the military and population. With Kane Duerov as the Divine Emperor. All soldiers are to refer to these peoples working for this division as ma'am, or sir. Squad leaders are not in this division, but in a sub division. Only 500 work for this division.

130px-83,576,0,435-Vaygr Assault Craft

Empire of Nod Standard Fighter

130px-102,686,0,516-Vaygr hmf

Empire of Nod Heavy Missile Frigate

130px-130,691,0,495-Vaygr Assault Frigate

Empire of Nod Assault Frigate

130px-133,672,0,476-Vaygr laser corvette

Empire of Nod Laser Corvette

130px-145,723,0,510-Vaygr destroyer

Empire Of Nod Destroyer Capital Ship

130px-227,702,0,419-Vaygr carrier

Empire of Nod Carrier

300px-Vaygr battlecruiser

Empire of Nod Battlecruiser

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