This page focuses on the Stellar Adventures Project I.20px

Delafar is the capital system of the Alfornian Empire. It composes of 3 different planets. It is also named after the Alfornian "Cerid Delafar"


The system of Delafar.


Alfornia is the main planet of the Alfornian Empire. It is a deserty landscape, with many radiated creatures coming from the ancient Alfornian Nuclear War. It has three cities, and one large capital city, with over 3,000,000 inhabitants.


Baven is a jungle planet, with many strange creatures, some native to the planet. It has an Alfornian outpost, with over 100 soldiers stationed there. It is wild and dangerous, and many Alfornians fall to the wild on the planet.


Rindin is a lava planet, with few Alfornians living there, due to the extreme heat. Giant worm-like monsters called "Ragevs" are native to this planet. They are dangerous and are not to be underestimated.

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