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The Dakha also known as, Dhakei is a tier-7 empire that is located in the Shefar System while not being able to space travel they are still quite the formidable species for there technology

The Dakha has been the cause of multiple mass extinctions to animals on there home world. The Dakha people believe in Sirdivish, or the god of war to them, and it is for that reason they are hostile to most everything.

The most recent war was in 2671 the leader of the Sjar tribe declared independence the leader of the Dakha at the time (Droge "The Great") fought back with all his might since Sjar was the main bulk of the Dakha military they were greatly outnumbered but this didn't deter him he attacked with all his might but ultimately died.

They way of life for the Dakha is to fight, and so this is how they choose a leader after a leader dies all the best fighters in the land come to face each other and the victor becomes the ultimate ruler of the Dakha.

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