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The Cybran Commonwealth is a group of planets controlled by the Cybran, augmented humans capable of superhuman feats of strength and intellect. Due to these attributes, they and their creator were shunned and eventually enslaved by their home colonies. To prevent their own destruction, the Cybran revolted and fled into the depths of space.

Cybran soldier

A completely armed soldier.


Cybran facility

A warship

Due to centuries of cloning and genetic modification, and associated problems such as cloning "backwash"(Repeated cloning from the same genetic sample. Wears on the code and corrupts it) have lead to the Cybran being asexual, relying on technology to continue their race.

Due to extensive use of nanotechnology, Cybran industry has less production time and higher yield.

Advanced cybernetic technology, software and hardware, such as fine-tuned bionics and advanced semi-organic AIs. This has lead to greater research speed and a strange, pseudo-hivemind society.

The Cybran prefer to use Tesla and ARC weaponry, due to their power against electronics.

They utilise nano-machines sandwiched between armor plates, giving their ships the ability to self-repair, and increased durability.
Soldier 2

A soldier.

They use Subspace FTL drives, tearing wormholes in real-space into a dimension 'below' reality to reach their destination.


A warmachine.

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