The Crescent Dawn's History, Purpose, and Appearance

The Crescent Dawn was made as an "Ark Ship", so that the Lunarians could leave the Exoss System in search for a new, more fertile world. It was in the works for 70 years, before being launched into orbit with 500 colonists. They stayed in orbit for 8 years, as it takes a long time to power up the prototype pre-flash Hyperdrive Engines.

The Hyperdrive Project was a secret FTL-travel project worked on by a group of neutral scientists from both the pre-flash empires of Avilium and Klunari. It was never completed fully, but the prototype it yielded before the flash worked good enough. It also manages to actually go speeds faster than the speed of light, despite how the project was so short-lived.

RobloxScreenShot07092014 003544231

ULS Crescent Dawn, back view

RobloxScreenShot07092014 003524221

ULS Crescent Dawn, side view

The Crescent Dawn spans 300 meters in length, and is 100 meters wide. It is 50 meters tall. It adorns the colors of the New Lunar Republic, which are grey and dark purple. An alternate color scheme is dark blue and black. It has two rather large "Hyperdrive" engines, mounted on the side. These were developed before the Flash. See the first part for information on that.

The Crescent Dawn holds about 500 colonists, along with a few decades' worth of supplies. It also contains two nuclear reactors to power the ship, which are also pre-Flash and are the only two working nuclear reactors known to the NLR on their home planet.

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