Symbol of Craftworld alpha

Population: 100,000,000

Species: Nividian

Government: Technocracy

Tech Level: Extremley Late Tier-2


This craftworld is one of the 4 remanining NSC world ships left in the galaxy. Each hiding in a seperate quadrant.It was built to be part of a large armada but everything fell apart during the collapse.

Craftworlds what the heck are they

A craft world looks like this.

They are self sufficient nation ships designed to be able to have a thriving civilization only needing mining and solar harvesting to remain functional. The craftworld is the size of a city plus its greater area.

It contains forges to make ships.

Refineries for materials.

Spires for living and other things.

Eldar craftworld by w hc-d5w9zjn

Craftworld Alpha

A academy.

Biospheres for farming.

And a hangar for ships.

Finally a ancient shield of considerable power capable of surviving most barrages , however it has limitations.


The military is 10% of the population


They us standard post ascendency Nividian armour and weapons.

They are extremley agile and are capable of defeat forces many times larger. Tactics tend to be focus on hit and run and limiting loses to a absolute miniumum. Soldiers will lay down their lives for their species and craftworld.

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