This page focuses on the Stellar Adventures Project II.20px

20px This page about the Stellar Adventures Project II (SAPII) is a stub or otherwise incomplete and could really use some work filling it in!

The Core            
The new doom

The flag


Government: Synthetic Mainframe

Alignment: Antagonist

Goal: Extermination of biological life to making up 1% of galactic population

Tier: 2

Systems: All systems located in a small unknown sector outside the main milky way. Approximate 10 not including the artificial command and control world and its artificial moons.


640x347 17359 Scotland 2d sci fi robot android soldier picture image digital art

Assault inprogress

Rapid Construction

Drones are able to build factories anywhere in hours and other structures

Energy to matter technology

Rapid construction of ground forces and air forces and naval using nanotechnology

Efficieny in orbital construction

Advanced research network tech

Onboard Unit RND modules to find flaws and upgrade them

FTL technology: Connected particle phasing

Weapons tech: Advanced projectile Advanced nuclear weapons Advanced Halcyon missiles Early Tesla weapons.


A core warship prepares for war.

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