The Companionship is a post-war faction based in Caste, Scetane. It was established, and is still lead by Technical Sergeant Capris and his company of 16 men, who went AWOL from the Scetanian Army in the hours of the Last War. The faction is built on the preservation and moral utilization of technology, especially military technology, for the bettering of mankind.

Chain of command

The Companionship has a very different chain of command, or rank system, compared to the average military, which goes as follows, from top to bottom, highest rank to lowest rank:

Master - Leader of the Companions. This is Master Capris.

Keeper - The highest possible rank a Companion can get. Only 1 at a time.

Major - In charge of their own companies and Companion operations.

Protector - High ranking Companions. At this rank, they get their own suit of power armor.

Seeker - Most of the Companionship's ground forces. Usually in charge of flying AB-1s.

Initiate - New member.

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