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320,053,751 km

314,053,777 km

Orbital Period 317 Days
Orbital Speed 30.51 km/s


1 Natural Satellite

67.01% Nitrogen

35.03% Oxygen

0.940% Argon

0.027% Carbon Dioxide

Cjelinia is a distant human colony under the Colonial Administration Authority, contact was recently lost due to a presumed alien invasion, which turned out to be true, CAA/UEG forces have dealt with much of the alien fleet, population has been taken to safezones to avoid the conflict, as the Orbital elevators apparently were destroyed, people will now be evacuated via dropships from Colonial Defense Forces.

Clearing things out, this is a Colonial Democracy, it allows the opposition groups, there is no such thing as dictatorship, people here would not go to war without previal approval from the whole CAA, also, they would not join some sort of reptilians who can't speak our languages and don't even know what's a human.

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