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The Planet's ice caps where melting at a faster rate than anticipated, the worlds population only had a few decades to prepare for the on coming rize in sea level. within those years the technological developement of the planet increased as they bored into the planet to make shelters for the remainder of Oslin's population. What they never excpected was for the tempuratures to reach an average of 203 degrees Feirenheit. Making the planets surface uninhabitable. So for 230 years they where stuck in their shelters. Slowly one by one, each shelter started to die off. When the flood waters receeded and the plnets population stablized they where finally able to come out from their shelters. Each one holding around 20 thousand People. But, only six of these shelters survived. making the upcoming journey harsh and difficult.

-CRRI Constitution-

The CIVIL RECONSTRUCTION And RECOLONIZATION INITIATIVE shall and for ever more whilst they exist be in charge of the protection, health, prosparity, habitation, and harmony of the people. The CRRI will work to better the lives of the Civilians. The CRRI will stive to explore new technologies and techniques for the betterment of the Civilization. The CRRI will keep the order and civil obedience. The CRRI must and alway protect the Citizens from any outside and or foreign threat that is will face.

The Citizen will have these Basic Rights.

1-Right to Property

2-Right to Privacy

3-Right to Speach and Expression

4-Right to Protection from excesive force

5-Petition the Government and its assosiates

6-Right to Health

7-Right to Habitation

8-Right to Life

9-Right to Betterment of Life

10-RIght to Prosparity

-Codes and Laws: Federal-

1. Each citizen must pay their taxes, punishment of this will be incaseration.

2. Each Citizen Must Obey the CRRI Government, unless that said government violates any civilian rights.

-Updates to these laws will be periodic when need be-

-Government Stucture and Justice System-

The CRRI is a Massive oganization ment to sucure the lifestyle and lives of it's citiezens, with this resposibility we must ensure the steps taken in order to keep civil order.

Section 1- Government Officials

Each City-state will be lead by a governor elected by the local city skape. These governors are in charge of making passing ordinences and laws, they are also in charge of passing budget plans. 

Each City-state will have an appointed council. these appointed will discuss military action if need be, The Council will also be in charge of hearig issure regarding civil law.

Each City-state will have an elected Chairmen in charge of military stratagy. This Chairmen will decide what the Military budget goes towards.

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