Planet Cereas

Current Military: Cereas Military Forces

Cereas Aero Force

Technology: Tier 2

Military Power: Cereas Military Forces: 57,000

Cereas Aero Force: 9,300 ships

Population: 3,105,000

Current Status: At war (The Emmianto)

Evangelion 303:48

Evangelion 3.0 OST - It will mean Victory

Cereas's Anthem

(More details coming in)


Cereas was formed outside of the Solar System billions of years ago, and has 2 moons. The planet lies close to its star, and so it has very hot temperatures on the lighted side. Cereas itself is inhospitable.

The people of Cereas emigrated from another system due to cultural differences. Relations between the people of Cereas and the other system have since improved. Cereas is famous for its builders as they are master craftsmen on vehicles and weapons but they are costly expensive due to the effort put into it.

The people of Cereas have instincts to kill, which makes them dangerous but it is a rare thing to happen due to its a random chance. These instincts are usually the result of shock from the devastation of wars involving Cereas.

The planet Cereas, has a long history of wars related to its neighbour planet, Kera. It has been hundreds of years and the people of Cereas have been in conflict every day. The people of Kera have been against the people of Cereas due to their greed for more land.

Vehicles (Aerocraft):


A-72: The main and most common fighter

A-12: The younger sister of A-72, and improved fighter

A-69: The bomber plane

SI-3: A advanced plane carrying heavy weapons

GOA: A gunship

C-17: A dropship

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