Background information The Caesan Empirium is a humanoid race native to the world of Caesa. They have been in the system of Calari Prime for nearly 600,000 years, and have evolved to the moderate climate of this jewel crown of the system. The Caesan's body is made up of mostly the same materials as a standard human, but other parts not found normally are also present. Some have glands located behind their brain (The head of a Caesan is irregularly formed) that allows for what they have named "Psionics". The glands give off certain smells, sounds, etc, that are hard to detect. These give most lifeforms different feelings, emotions, or strengtheners. The glands, however, must be well developed at birth ( Genetics and genes play in on it). The Caesans have a mix of an Aristocracy-Theocracy government, with a High Council that are believed to be blessed by the God, or Psio (The blessing being the enlarged glands). The Caesans are noted for their scientific advancement, being around longer than humans and some other races gave them the time to advance past them. Space Flight and FTL have been around for 3 Centuries, and Slip-Space has been around for 200 years. They also have advanced robotics, owning Drones and Androns (A very advanced 7 foot tall Robot, normally used for serving privately or militarily). They also have advanced ways of power. The Singulairity Fusion Core is, in terms, better than most reactors found aboard ships, and has a massive power output. They power whole City-States (A large city that counts as one State under the High Council).

Weapons and Equipment Ship Weapons: Using their advanced sciences, the Caesans use their three best weapons: -Plasma Weapons (3 forms, "Torpedo", "Missile", and "Heavy"/Standard plasma shots) -Lasers (2 forms, "Mauler"/Giant shotgun, and "Precision") -Singularity (1 form, "Torpedo")

Ground Weapons: -Plasma (3 forms, "Light"/standard charges, "Heavy", anti-armour/personnel, and "Caster"/Plasma-Caster, think flamethrowers with Plasma)

Armour: The Caesans use special heat-reduction armour plates, to absorb lasers and plasma, and standard shielding to help guard the hull from taking hits

Classes: Caesan Society falls under these classes:

Non-Citizen: Criminals, wanted men, or Traitors

Citizen: Standard everyday civilian

Upper Citizen: The wealthier class of civilian

Lower Military: The standard lower rank soldier

Upper Military: The higher ranks of the soldiers

Psions: The Caesan "Blessed" bloodlines, have biggest control

Councilmen: The Caesan Council, made up of the most "Blessed" Psions.

(Pictures to be provided at a later date.)

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