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The Beta Powers is a alliance of nations who have a mutual interest in defence,expansion,trade and more.

It acts as a coalition against others who try to turn the beta quadrant into their own piggy bank or mining outpost.



Ijushir Imperium

SVA (pls I cannot spell that)


Current rules regulations and acts

1. Any transference of information to an outside proprietor cannot include information dictated as classified in Appendix A without prior being agreed to by the reference party and 3/4 of the Beta Powers. Any attempt to divulge such information would lead to immediate suspension and withdrawal of international infrastructure and aid pending further investigation into the incident. If the Investigation should prove you to be working against the Beta Powers you will be removed as a member party and faced with a formal declaration of war. Refusal to accept investigatory parties is paramount to proof of mal intent towards the beta powers.

Appendix A would include "Location of Anti-orbital defenses", "Specifications and other statistics of military equipment. Placement of Units." "Anatomical detail of both Husgetri and Qwastothi.""Any anatomical detail of the Ingankalam" "Location of any Ingankalam assets Excluding Sub-station Iryan" "Ijushir Anatomical information for any strain" "MILCOM-Frequencies" "Gate Network Hub servers and security centres" "Any research and development projects deemed non public"

2.Excluding military installations of all forms the inclusion of an item on Appendix A is completely at the discretion of the reference party and no overrule from Beta Power Council can take effect to remove this item.

3.All Medical information, anatomical treatments and genetic sequencing data discovered in joint efforts is officially classified from all governments until released by the upmost authority of  the reference race.

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