Purple Star
Location: Beta-9-A
Constellation: None (Offically)


Spectral Type: Anomalous (None)
Affiliation: Unclaimed

B9AS-100922 is a large, anomalous purple-colored star within Sector 9, Region A of the Beta Quadrant disocvered in the early 28th century by the fleet of the Eratothenes Project during their voyage to the Delta Quadrant. While much still remains to be learned about this unussual star, which has no orbiting bodies, does not appear to emit any unussual forms of radiation, and is thus far the only star of its kind to ever have been discovered, human scientists continue to work to analyze the massive amounts of data quickly collected by the Eratosthenes Project during the three days the fleet was near the system and the several weeks of data continued to be collected by a probe dispatched to the system.

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