The Avogoth Dynasty rules The Nividian Dominion

History pre Founding on Irisia

The Avogoth Dynasty started out as a extrasolar conglomerate  of tech firms pmc's a shipping a guild a investment corporation as well as a factory complex on a private moon where they built a mansion. They passed down the conglomorerate and had it stay completly privately owned under the Avogoth Family from Terra. Then it all changed during the civil war. The avogoth conglomerate retrofitted its shipping guild to be patrol ships warships and just plain old freighters they began producing military arms and more ships on their moon facotry complex and using the colony where the factory workers lived for extra recruitment as well as using their pmc's they fought against both sides but eventully cut a manufactoring deal the insurrectionists and gave them new weapons from their tech firms and produced weapons and ships from their factories. Soon the Terran goverment sent a fleet to attack their moon. The Avogoth dynasty fled with their fleet and their workers soldiers and scientists (the investment corporation was not rescued) they eventully engaged with the pursuing TCU their small little fleet was heavily damaged after the battle but they disabled the TCU fleet in unexplored space with some of their new weapons but had multiple FTL drive breaches and were forced to land on the nearest habitable world Irisia.

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