Greater Emperor's State of Armectia Imperus

This page focuses on the Stellar Adventures Project III.20px

This page was nominated for the most genocidal civilization in Stellar Adventures Project III!MostGenocidal

Armectia, officially the Greater Emperor's State of Armectia Imperus, Armectian Empire, or just the Empire, is a Tier 8 civilization located in the Hexgrid Galaxy in the Stellar Adventures Project 3.0. The Greater Emperor's State of Armectia Imperus is a highly nationalist, autocratic civilization that occupies 12 solar systems and has a population of upwards of 427 billion. Their currency is the Imperial Note (₮) (IN). The Greater Emperor's State of Armectia Imperus is ruled by one benevolent God Emperor, Malar Rem. He is flanked by the Heir Prince and his only offspring, Aconus Rem.

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