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The Arionnese Republic, or simply Arion or AR, is a tier-2 republic with claimed systems in the Kaldu Sector and the Madaraffle Strip. Arion is neighbored to the galactic east by the Daltainian Empire and to the galactic west by the Vandrag Empire.

The Arionnese Republic is a constitutional republic. The republic is headed by three branches of government: legislative, judicial, and executive.

Arion has a population of over 20 billion people, the majority of which are well-educated. The republic is mainly composed of humans and was once a subject of the United Earth Government. Despite having open borders, the west has been heavily fortified, having expected an invasion from their larger neighbor, the Vandrag Empire.


Pre-Abandonment Era

In the year, 2290, the United Earth Government commissioned a colonial fleet equipped with experimental slip-space drives to perform interstellar travel. A portion of the fleet, designated "European Colonization C" has been tasked to arrive at Tau Ceti. However, in the midst of their travel, the experimental warpdrives have malfunctioned, and the designated portion arrived at a system later known as Fleurie. It would later be discovered that the Arionesse have inadvertently traveled the entire distance of the galaxy.

The system was a rare haven found within the galaxy. The system contained two orbiting Earth-like planets and another terraform-able planet. Having the highest percentage landmass, the fleet colonized the biggest Earth analog and named it Vosges.

Age of Revival

The colonists attributed their remarkable discovery and survival to the existence of God. It must be noted that the most notable influential speakers were also very religious, and thus such notions grew with ease. Decades after having established themselves at their new homeworld, this religious movement reignited the need for exploration and expansion. What was once a colony of half a million inhabitants grew rapidly as the years passed, and by the year 2650, they have colonized neighboring systems, eventually coming into contact with other intelligent life.

Great Translation

In the 2720s, an invading force of a teir-0 civilization, the Sneople Empire, in a conflict known as attacked the Republic and drove them to near-collapse. Their retreat from border systems and impressive guerrilla warfare along with a counter-offensive force mounted by the Hyrene Pact, allowed their survival yet again. They would later be relocated to another region of space dubbed the Ananas Galaxy.

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