Anglican Empire

Saint alban's cross


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Species Type


Homosapien human

Capital City





Representative constitutional monarchy


Private, expansive


11 million indigenous

150 million foreign (empire)


Alpha quadrant

star system Bas

celestial body Irta

Military Strength

117,000 infantry

264 naval warships

Anglia, official the Anglican Empire, or just the Kingdom of Anglia for its monarch system, is an island nation located in northern Eurada. Since 2640, it has managed a small intercontinental colonial empire and has participated in overseas wars with or without allies by protecting its interests or complete naval invasions. The current constitution, the Papers of Their Droit, was ratified in 2658 after a failed coup d'etat in the capital city of Cardiff.


In migrational times, the area that is now Anglia was occupied by their ancestors and regional ancestors from the Bearnais-Suex region, and established settlements along the coasts. Incursions from Ostellian overseas invaders in the Gluhcon, from where the island of Anglia was eventually packed with migrants. Religious prosecution in eastern Euradan duchies forced thousands of nomads of smaller ethnic groups to cross into Anglia and the Jersais region.

The descendants of the current royal family, the house of Newstaple probably settled down in the Cardiffshire region sometime in the 21st century, which would explain their long lasting presence and the sphere of influence they manage over the entire kingdom. The Kingdom of Newstapleshire, first documented in literature dating back to 2026, consisted of the entire island of Anglia. In 2090, the capital of the kingdom was moved from Newstaple to Cardiff, which had grown exponentially. In 2171, the kingdom established a union with the neighboring kingdom of Normand by royal marriage between then princess Matilda and the Normand prince Eustace.

In the 2200s, the kingdom and its navy was faced by interminable Ostellian invaders from over the North Sea at the Gluhcon---


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