Amonatar lies on the top of the mountain chain that goes around "New Laginia", right where it crossed the waterfalls that goes trough the 2 poles. both the mountain chain and the waterfall are a sanctuary for those who wish to flee the fight on the surface. So it is only natural that they settled in the cross, where theres most peace.

Here fleed laginians have gotten refugee. The native people of the city, the ELs, welcomes the new people as they don't want to fight anymore. The city is controlled by the oldest known EL and the Colony Commander of the Laginians.

This is also the Mainseat of the EL-fraction of the laginians. Those who wishes peace joins it.


Solidified Light

As the laginians researched what the EL's was they by accident made "Solidified Light". Even tough it was flexible, it was nearly impossible to destroy. At an unknown way, the ither laginian fractions has gotten this technology too, so this is the most used weaponry on the battlefield.

Chocolate Wood

The Log of the Choco Trees feels and tastes like chocolate, but i advice you not to touch one of the trees, as it easily breaks.

Fluffy Clouds

As a high pressure of the planet, the clouds has become more solid. As they used "EL-tech" on the clouds, they became fluffy.

Electrified Water

You can still feel the "zapping" when you touch it. Too much of it can kill a human.


Weirdly enough, it is always near the spots where the laginians have settled..


Used for the roofs on the buildings.


The Metal thats most common the planet is Copper.


The Laginians Brought the copper trees with them to Amonatar.

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