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Amity Day is an admin-declared event in which all rules of engagement, with some exceptions which are explored below, are nullified during the duration of the day[1]. During an Amity Day, players will typically commence in god-modding, metagaming, and other unfair and usually forbidden behaviors to further the advancement of their faction, further personal goals, or to further dramatic roleplay on the understanding that there will be no administrative backlash and that all other players have agreed to play in this manner as well.

The first and so far only Amity Day to be delared occured on Saturday, February 7th, 2015, and took place on January, 2716, in roleplay. The event started a few brief hours before midnight EST on February 6th and continued until around just after midnight on the morning of February 8th, after which players were given until that afternoon to account for any rules being actively broken as a large number of tier zero fleets amassed near the L'Tuk and galactic border.

On March 28th, 2015, it was announced that as part of a week of admin events, including the revival of SAP1 for April Fool's Day and a week long galaxy-wide event, there would be a second Amity Day on Saturday, April 4th, or September, 2720, in roleplay.[2]


  1. Established January 30th, 2015; made by Texar
  2. Announced March 28th, 2015; made by Texar

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