The Amatsukami Imperium also known as the Imperium or AI, Is a large empire based in and around the Karash Plateaus. The Imperium is closely neighbored to the North East by a pirate clan based in the Bleeding Cliffs. The Imperium consists of five core provinces and three frontier provinces.

The Amatsukami Imperium is a monarchy with the Imperial family controlling civil matters and the hereditary position of Shogun being the over all leader of the military. The Imperium is headed by Fukushima Amatsukami and Nishimoto Kazunori both advised by the High Council and Council of Lords. Within both councils the Navy holds significant influence.

The Imperium has a population of 180,450,976 spread over five provinces, two of which hold over half of the populous, Kumamoto and Karafuto province. The Imperium holds a large standing naval force of professional soldiers while in times of need armies can be mustered from a population of 60,545,076 with a basic military training.

Current Amatsukami year: 4776


The stalwart Amatsukami Imperium has held for almost 1200 years, formaly formed by the Kingdom of Amatsukami in 3679 by the Karash Plateaus after the destruction of the nomadic Baygal Confederation, the remaining nomads were settled and absorbed by the newly formed Empire on the Eos Plains to the West(present day Ehime province).

To the south of this newly formed Empire was the emerging nation Kingdom of Samaran which occupied the vast lakes of Amuarian(present day Kumamoto province). The Emperor at the time had entered political union with the Samaran Kingdom, formally taking the state in 3908. This union brought advanced Samaran techniques and technology to the forefront of Amatsukami society; large canals, advanced soil replenishment and sky ships

To the north, unclaimed lakes rich in fertile soil and minerals was quickly claimed and made into Karafuto province, uplifted to core province in 4145.

In 4564 several prospecting runs have been made into the deserts nearby, searching for oil to fuel the Empire's industries. resulting in the establishment of several frontier provinces.

In 4698 the possession of the two lakes resulted in the creation of the South and Northern Capitals, Xianggiu and Horomoto the sister cities or the twins.







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