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Proclarush is the political capital of the entire Alteran Federation. The planet is mostly covered in huge ancient volcano fields, made of stone and cosmic dust from asteroids that impacted it's surface in ancient time. All inhabitants of the world live in many underground structures, or large biodome cities on the surface.

Biodome cities

The Biodome Cities of proclarush are some of the largest engineering wonders of the Federation, housing around 1.5 billion people in cities across the surface of the planet, they are some of the most populace indoor living structures ever seen.

The biodomes, are not only used for living, but also contain manufacturing facilities, and farms for growing fruits, vegetables, and various types of livestock, which the inhabitants of the planet use for food.

The only city of major importance on the planet is the Alteran capital, which houses the council buildings, and is thus heavily protected, with a great many shield complexes through out the city, as well as defensive guns, large enough to hit orbital targets.

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