Alpha Quadrant Council of Nations or AQCoN is basically like the United Nations of Alpha quadrant. Founded by Sobornost somewhere around 2710 A.D this council is located on a super-station at Aldebaran.


  • Sobornost
  • Eldari Sovereignty
  • Advent of Ascension
  • Holy Nocturnean Empire
  • Empire of Nod
  • Vandrag Empire
  • Feroxi Federation
  • United Kingdom of Kasterboros

(If I forgot your nation please add it on the list, but note Alpha Quadrant only! Oh and you must have met at least one of these to join.)


Accepted proposal which are in effect and must be followed by all AQCoN members.

  • None Thus Far


Aldebaran Resolution 1.1

Proposed by: Sobornost

Information: Basic Rights of Individuals and Abolishment of Enslavement. *Basic rights are the same as in UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights with adaptation to all known species in Alpha Quadrant.

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