Alkai Novakis

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Flag Coat

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Main Language(s)



Kai, Novaks, Nalhu

Tier Tier 2
Systems N/A
Settlements N/A



Government Feudal Kingdom
 -  Royal Dynasty House Shoyal
 -  Great House House Ketsuekikasai
 -  Great House Clan Sullag
 -  Great House House Ajao




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Alkai Novakis is a feudal kingdom formed three species, the avian-like Kai, the humanoid Novaks and the humanoid slaves Nalhu. The society is very hierarchic with the Konungandr or King being the most powerful character in the realm, closely followed by arch-bishops and generals. The farmers and traders all belong to the same hierarchic spot that is the second lowest one right before the slaves which are without exception all Nalhu. Above the traders and farmers are soldiers and above soldiers is the lower nobility and between the lower nobility and generals are the higher nobility. The Great Houses/Clans belong to the same place as the arch-bishops.

Great Houses

House Shoyal

House Shoyal is current ruling house of Alkai Novakis. House Shoyal has only ruled for 4 decades and as a House it has long roots in the ancient Kai kingdoms. Shoyal is dominated by the Kai.

House Shoyal is very progressive when it comes to technology, striving to always be on forefront of scientific advance in the kingdom. Primarily House Shoyal is a proud and wealthy (probably due to royal status) House. Militarily they are adept and economically they are masterful bankers. House Shoyal controls a major part of the kingdoms financing, banking and retail. Their use of slaves is rather minor and slaves are only actively used in their factories.


  • Hold on to the throne
  • Make Alkai Novakis prosper
  • Expand their own influence as well as the whole kingdom's influence
  • Keep current territory and possibly expand the kingdom's territory
  • Stable relations with the Great Houses



House Ketsuekikasai

Clan Sullag

House Ajao




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