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Everyone willing to participate post two numbers. (x and y) between 1 and 8000. I will give you the system closest to those coordinates. THE MAP IS TOO BIG. CAN BE FOUND AT

Note: Nation colors are based on flags. Every nation that has a flag is visible currently (including mine because ik the colors)


Revealed: VKD, VRE, Nintendo Entertainment System, ME

Corrected: Colors of DL

Expanded: my left ARM

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Danke bro

Sorry for being inactive, i'll be updating you on SPK VERY VERY SOON!

NOTE: Next update will be either tomorrow (sunday) on tuesday or thursday dependong on how much time I have.

Looks the same to me.

I moved it somewhat tho tho... -_-'

Change DL to FSL, this is my new flag; 
Fascist Luvenite
Acknowledge will try to update tomorrow.