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Weapons of Mass Destruction: What are the rules? [RESULTS]

UPDATE 2: Voting has now closed, thanks again for the input, the Council will now sit down to review what you've had to say! Here's the results (leading responses bolded):

Question One
How long have you been in the Stellar Adventures Project?
Since before it was called SAP 2
Since SAP1 2
SAP2, but before the move to the Ananas Galaxy 7
SAP2, but after the move to the Ananas Galaxy 1
I'm not part of the Stellar Adventures Project 1
Question Two
How would you describe the rules on weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) we currently have?
Great 1
Terrible 0
Mostly good, but not great 4
Mostly bad, but not terrible 4
Unsure/I don't care 4
Question Three
Do you believe players, in using these weapons of mass destruction, should...
...require admin approval to own and use them. 3
...require admin approval to own, but not to use, them. 1
...require admin approval to use, but not to own, them. 2
...not be allowed to have these weapons at all. 0
...not require admin approval to use or own them. 1
...not require admin approval to use or own them, but be able to be restricted indefinitely by admin decree. 6
Unsure/I don't care 0
Question Four
OPTIONAL: Do you believe weapons of mass destruction should be ranked and regulated based on how destructive they are?
Yes, rank them by destruction and regulate by that. 4
Rank them, but it should just be for reference, don't regulate them. 4
Weapons should be restricted by their level of tech, not the amount of destruction they do. 2
No, don't rank them or regulate them by amount of destruction. 0
Unsure/I don't care 0
Other 3
(Other) Rank them, but it should just be for reference + Restricted by level of tech
(Other) Rank them by destruction and tech
(Other) Should be ranked and regulated by comparative destruction: Impact should be viewed as relative to the size, development, and technological prowress of the afflicted nation to determine fair use. If that makes sense.

UPDATE: As it's been a few days without further discussion, we will now be moving out of the discussion phase. Please proceed to fill out the following poll as you see fit, your input will be greatly appreciated in figuring out how to proceed on this topic.


The Administrative Council has for some time now periodically discussed this topic, and in failing to be able to resolve serious divisions within the Council over it we have concurred that the matter shall be left to the community.

As such, we shall now ask the community to discuss the subject of weapons of mass destruction and the rules around them before, after concluding public discussion, answering some quick poll questions on the topic. Your input will be greatly appreciated, though we do ask you take this subject seriously and consider the impact your decision could have on the Stellar Adventures Project, one way or another, and what you personally would like the project to look like. We thank you for your time and input.

Here are the following rules currently codified relating to Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), for your reference:

Section 3, Rule 4 - You may not build or use a weapon of mass destruction without administrator permission, permission to build one is not the same as permission to use one.

Section 3, Rule 5 - A weapon of mass destruction may not be unreasonably powerful or too unrealistic, with administrators being the final judge of what such means.

Section 3, Rule 8 - Weapons of mass destruction, or any weapon of any kind, may not be used on targets at an unreasonable distance.

Discussion shall be closed once it begins to die down, after which we’ll post the basic questions we’d like you to vote on and, after a week of voting, we'll then use your answers to help shape our policies on this subject.

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I propose a new settlement class which would allow access to WMDs.

A WMD for me is a single weapon, that can destroy a lot of things, but the one being hit, cannot retaliate at once.

1. Handgun/Bow n' arrow to single Artillery. This category does only hit a "few" targets, so they are not "WMDs", but still dangerous.

2. Nuclear Weapons. Already here on the second level we have nukes. They can destroy Settlements if they are large enough.

3. Biological Weapons. This kind of weapons are very hard to properly categorize, but I put them here, as it is possible to isolate/quarantine planets. A biological weapon would also give gameplay to the Medical settlement.

4. Planetary surface weapons. With this, I mean weapons that could leave the whole surface of a planet changed. Weapons that could do the job a fleet, bombarding a planet.

5. Planetary destruction. See "Star Wars IV"

6. Solar destruction. Like blowing up a sun. Sounds easy? It could destroy quite a bit.

7. Artificial Black Hole. A such thing could get quite severe, and could destroy a Whole tier 1 empire. But not as bad as the next.

8. Galactic destruction. An example is the frozen Milky Way. But that isn't as serious as it could be.

Now, where do I want with those things? Well, I think tier 1s shouldn't go any higher than level 5. Destroying a sun would mess up the star map, and give extra work to the map painter. The levels 2-5 are dangerous to settlements. So one should notice that they might destroy the work of a player.

PrecursorAvant-Guard wrote:
I propose a new settlement class which would allow access to WMDs.

Way too much to ask of people for a nuke, etc. and just gonna unfairly favor certain folks (Neo, Primordane) over others (everyone else).


Dark's class system seems good however with level 5 being restricted to Tier-1 I would say a death star weapon ya but like I think a tier 3-2 could destroy a planet by planting high yield nuclear warheads in the right places in the mantle.

But I think the ability to use WMDs more freely could be interesting as I would hope in RP people would etablish some kind of galactic law to regulate them or at least attempt it.

The problem with WMD's tho is that they should only be used when it is AGREED ON BOTH PARTIES to use them. That ANNNNNDDDDD the rate at a WMD undoes RP is intolerable for some people. It's too destructive for me tbh, but not enough for others.


TBH a WMD needs to just be a "MAD" thing. Although, I really hate cold war situations.


WMDs should be usable by everyone(with the correct tech ofc).

Another thing to remember, is response. Just like Russia would have responded if US launched nuclear missiles towards them. That's the biggest reason none should use WMDs, because it might hit you in return.

"What if I like to destroy things for no reason" -If you did that, then your race would have destroyed itself long ago.

"Why can't I go destroy all these lesser races around my borders? They prevent my expansion." -Why not use them as slaves?

And if you use them, expect the rest of the galaxy to get quite angry at you. If the hostile player then leaves after they got nuked to death themselves in a response, then the Hyrene Pact comes by and cleans up the hit areas.

"Why can't I store 10000 Planetary destructive weapons, and end the whole SAP in one roleplay post?" -We need some military rules to have this work.


As it's been a few days without further discussion, we will now be moving out of the discussion phase. Please proceed to fill out the following poll as you see fit, your input will be greatly appreciated in figuring out how to proceed on this topic.



Voting has ended, thanks again for your input, the Council will now sit down to review what you all had to say, the results are now up at the top of the thread.

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