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• 1/25/2016

The Combat/War System [VOTING HAS ENDED]

VOTING HAS ENDED AND HERE ARE THE RESULTS: http://www.poll-maker.com/results541225x4acE4c77-23?s=res As I have revealed i had started working on a combat system for SAP. Now I want to know whether the average roleplayer wants such a thing. Which is why I decided to ask you guys. The vote begins on Jan 11 and ends on Jan 24, 23:30 UTC

The combat system is aimed at bringing more flavor and fairness to combat in SAP. The system will include planetary combat, Fleet combat and possibly a system for war in general. Though I think it is worth mentioning that this doesn't remove the obligation to roleplay the events as they happen in the system. Please note that you are more than welcome to join in the making below.


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• 1/12/2016

I'm personally strongly opposed to such an addition to the project, and would encourage everyone else to vote against it - we've tried this before, it's gone miserably, it's only going to make roleplay cumbersome and unpleasant and most likely going to just place a huge pile of work either on the shoulders of admins or the players (or, worse, both).

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